West Virginia Honey Trail

Savor the Flavors of the Mountain State!

Are you a lover of honey and all things nature-related? Do you care deeply about supporting local businesses and preserving our environment? If so, we have an exciting and sweet initiative to share with you! Visit Mountaineer Country, in collaboration with the Mon County Beekeepers Association and the West Virginia Department of Agriculture, is proud to introduce the “West Virginia Honey Trail.”

What is the Honey Trail?

The West Virginia Honey Trail is a one-of-a-kind initiative brought to you by Visit Mountaineer Country, the Mon County Beekeepers Association, and the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. This remarkable trail is all about celebrating the wonders of local honey and the incredible pollinators that make it all possible—our beloved bees! The initiative’s primary goal is to foster sustainability, community engagement, and the conservation of our precious pollinators.

Why You Should Embark 

Indulge in Local Honey: Prepare your taste buds for a treat! Along the Honey Trail, you’ll have the chance to savor the finest and purest local honey that West Virginia has to offer. From luscious wildflower honey to rich and aromatic buckwheat honey, each stop promises a unique and delectable experience.

Support Our Pollinators: Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, pollinating the plants that give us the food we love and the beautiful landscapes we admire. By following the Honey Trail, you’ll actively contribute to the preservation of these essential pollinators and their habitats.

Explore Nature’s Treasures: The Honey Trail will lead you through stunning landscapes, picturesque farms, and charming small towns. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of West Virginia as you journey from one honey to the next.

Connect with Local Businesses: Meet passionate beekeepers and supportive entrepreneurs who are committed to sustainability and community engagement. By visiting these businesses, you become a part of the Honey Trail family, contributing to the growth of the local economy.

Learn About Bees: Get ready to bee-come an expert! Along the trail, you’ll have the chance to learn about the fascinating world of bees, their role in the environment, and the efforts being made to protect them.

Begin Your Honey Trail Adventure

Starting your Honey Trail adventure is as simple as following these easy steps:

  1. Plan Your Route: Visit the Visit Mountaineer Country Trip Planner App in the bottom right-hand corner of every page to get started. Download the app and go to “Day Trips” to find the Honey Trail map and begin planning your journey. Choose the stops that intrigue you the most or challenge yourself to visit all of them! You can also find a web version of the trail map here for easy access on the go!
  2. Pack Your Appetite: Bring an empty stomach and a willingness to try different types of honey. You’ll be amazed by the diverse flavors that await you!
  3. Be Curious and Explore: At each stop, take the time to talk to the beekeepers and business owners. Learn about their passion, their craft, and how they contribute to the Honey Trail mission by even just selling honey. Through your journey, you’ll find historical sites like Arthurdale, flower farms like Mayfield Farms, and so many other unique spots you wouldn’t expect to discover on this endeavor.
  4. Take Home Sweet Treats: Don’t forget to bring home some jars of local honey and other bee-related goodies to share with friends and family, spreading the sweetness even further!
  5. Share Photos and Videos: Snapping photos not only helps you create lasting memories to look back on, but it also gives us an opportunity to get a glimpse of your honey trail experience! Your photos and videos can foster a sense of community among fellow travelers and nature enthusiasts. This builds a virtual network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for sustainability, local honey, and the preservation of pollinators. Snap away! Use #WVHoneyTrail and tag @VisitMountaineerCountry in all your posts for a chance to be featured.

Come and bee a part of this extraordinary adventure as we celebrate the wonders of local honey, support our industrious pollinators, and embrace a sustainable way of living. The West Virginia Honey Trail promises not only a memorable journey but also a meaningful contribution to our environment and community.

So, what are you waiting for? Lace-up your shoes, bring your sense of wonder, and let the West Virginia Honey Trail lead you to a world of natural beauty and sweetness you’ll never forget!

WV Honey Trail Stops:

WV State Parks

Audra State Park, Babcock State Park, Beeck Fork State Park, Berkeley Springs State Park, Blackwater Falls State Park, Blennerhassett State Park, Bluestone State Park, Cabwaylingo State Park, Cacapon State Park, Camp Creek State Park, Cass Scenic Railroad State Park, Chief Logan State Park, Coopers Rock State Forest, Hawks Nest State Park, Kanawha State Forest, Little Beaver State Park, Lost River State Park, North Bend State Park, Pipestem Resort State Park, Seneca State Forest, Tomlinson Run State Park, Twin Falls Resort State Park, Tygart Lake State Park, and Watoga State Park

Coopers Rock Retreat

Home Exterior

Tranquil Airbnb with trails and wildflowers nestled among the hills of West Virginia. They happily have Amy Wieloh-Darmelio (Lakeside Honey – honey, creamed honey, & tinctures) and Deb Mayne (The Magical Bee – honey, tincture, & candles) as local lady beekeepers who keep the hives there buzzing as they promote the importance of honeybees and pollination. Some of their products can be purchased at Cooper’s Rock Retreat.

Address: Book your stay on Airbnb, here

Almost Heaven Desserts

Almost Heaven Desserts is a trendy coffee shop that carries Lakeside Honey for you to purchase. 

Address: 27 Cheat Landing Morgantown, WV

Operation Welcome Home

Mission Beelieve is working with Operation Welcome Home to offer Educational and Therapeutic Beekeeping training for First Responders and Veterans

Address: 452 Mylan Park Ln, Morgantown, WV

Annie’s Coffee & Creamery

Mission Beelieve sells its honey in Annie’s Coffee and Creamery as well as Educational and Therapeutic Beekeeping training for First Responders and Veterans

Address: 700 Fort Pierpont Dr, Morgantown, WV 

Mayfield Farm

Flower farm, growing with all organic practices in order to support pollinators of all types! Purchase a bouquet of flowers on the Mayfield Farm website, here, check out all their other offerings here, or stop into Terra Cafe and purchase a bouquet!

Address: No physical location, for purchase at Terra Cafe or online

Cheat Lake Farmers Market

The Cheat Lake Farmers Market includes two vendors who regularly sell honey and honey products.

Address: 2223 Cheat Road Morgantown, WV

Forks of Cheat Winery

Forks of Cheat Winery sell several brands of WV honey, including one produced around the corner in Morgantown, WV.

Address: 2811 Stewartstown Road Morgantown, WV

Boone’s Bees and Trees

Small family-owned apiary and sugar bush located in Monongalia County, WV. Boone’s Bees and Trees sells natural honey products at various markets, check out where they are today on Facebook

Address: No physical location, check Facebook to see where to purchase

Brownie House

Located in the Historic Seneca Center, the Brownie House sells Lakeside Honey to go along with their delicious brownies! 

Address: 709 Beechurst Ave, 7A, Morgantown, WV

Peace Love and Little Donuts Morgantown

Peace Love and Little Donuts has two donuts featuring Mission Beelieve Honey! Don’t like honey on your donuts? No worries! They will also have jards of Honey for customers to purchase. 

Address: 1078 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive Morgantown, WV

Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown

Stop by the Hilton Garden Inn to get your fix of honey! Stay the night and enjoy all Morgantown has to offer before embarking on the rest of your journey.

Address: 150 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive Morgantown, WV

Baker Cheese Company

Baker Cheese Company carries Lakeside Honey and creamed honey. 

Address: 1195 Pineview Drive Morgantown, WV

Stone Tower Brews Morgantown

Their Local Honey Latte is a menu staple, made with Hive & Holler honey. Stone Tower Brews offers this honey as an addition to any of their drinks — one of their favorites being iced matcha with honey & oat milk. You’ll also find local honey in their recipes and Honey Chipotle Dressing. After you try a bite, purchase it right off the shelf from them!

Address: 3345 University Ave Suite 1 Morgantown, WV

AntiquiTea House

The AntiquiTea House sells 8-ounce and 16-ounce containers of local honey sourced from Mountain Bee Apiaries in their Evansdale neighborhood. They are only a block away from their coffee shop- very local!

Address: 2885 University Avenue Morgantown, WV

Eureka Cafe

They carry RAW honey in their marketplace associated with the Wiles Hill Community-building! Eureka Cafe uses Howe Sweet honey in their recipes too, which is located in Fairmont, West Virginia. 

Address: 287 Eureka Drive Morgantown, WV

The Tea Shoppe

At The Tea Shoppe, you’ll find unique types of honey to go along with your tea. Decide between honey spoons, straws, or a classic jar of honey from Dream Chasers Apiary Honey or Big Bob’s Honey.

Address: 708 Beechurst Avenue Morgantown, WV

Citizens Bank of Morgantown

Citizens Bank of Morgantown offers a self-serve honey display for The Newbees- Otherworld Apiary

Address: 265 High Street Morgantown, WV

The Otherworld General Store

Welcome to the Otherworld General Store, run by WV natives, The Newbees! They provide out-of-this-world honey, beekeeping, and supplies to people all over the state. Check out their website here to start shopping!

Address: Shop for their honey at Citizens Bank of Morgantown, or buy more online here!

Phoenix Bakery

Phoenix Bakery houses local honey for sale and also includes it in several of its products.

Address: 89 Kingwood Street Morgantown, WV

Hoot and Howl

Here, you’ll find honey from THREE different WV brands: Big Bob’s Honey (Morgantown), Mountain State Honey Company (Parsons), and Appalachian Beekeeping Collective (Lewisburg). Hoot and Howl also carries beeswax candles from Charleston Beeworks made with Mountain State Honey Co wax.

Address: 245 Walnut Street Morgantown, WV

Morgantown Farmers Market

Their local honey producer – R&A Honey Bees – sells many different types of honey from honey for seasonal allergies to honeycomb to creamed honey! The Morgantown Farmers Market vendor also has honey cotton candy this year from their hives.

Address: 400 Spruce Street Morgantown, WV

The Old Stone House Gift Shop

The Old Stone House carries a variety of honey from The Mountain State Honey Company in Parsons, WV. Honey at The Old Stone House includes jars and bears with sourwood honey, knotweed, goldenrod, tree of heaven, and sumac honey. They also stock creamed honey, honey, and English walnut ice cream topping, and honey-filled candy.

Address: 313 Chestnut Street Morgantown, WV

The City of Westover

The City of Westover is proud to be a Bee City USA affiliate! Being a Bee City USA affiliate publicly announces the city’s commitment to healthy, sustainable habitats for bees and other pollinators.

Address: 500 Dupont Road Westover, WV

The Coffee Tree Roasters

Coffee Tree Roasters is a Pittsburgh-native coffee shop that has a new location in Westover where you can find Lakeside Honey for sale and being utilized in recipes. 

Address: 725 Fairmont Road Morgantown, WV

La Quinta Inn & Suites

The La Quinta Inn & Suites proudly serves local honey in their breakfast area from the NewBees. Need more info on the honey you’re getting? No worries, they also have a flyer and QR code hanging up for guests to get more info!

Address: 5000 Gateway Drive Morgantown, WV

Arthurdale Heritage

Home to the first ever New Deal Town, Arthurdale Heritage is a unique historical site that sells local Preston County honey in their gift shop. 

Address: 18 Q Rd Arthurdale, WV

Flower Power Floral Gifts & More

Stop by Flower Power Floral Gifts & More to find local honey being sold in their gift shop.

Address: 10899 S Preston Highway Kingwood, WV

Skin You’re In

Skin You’re In is offering a “Liquid Gold” facial in their esthetics room. It features several high-quality honey-infused products to brighten, calm, and soften skin. Head there to enjoy honey in a new and unique way!

Address: 15630 N Preston Hwy Bruceton Mills, WV

Portland Coffee

Portland Coffee provides local West Virginia honey in a variety of hot drinks, but mostly teas. Stop by for some tea and a treat and ask what orders can be made with local honey!

Address: 702 E. State Avenue Terra Alta, WV

Screech Owl Brewing

Screech Owl Brewing uses Buckwheat Honey to brew their Buckwheat Honey Porter and they use several hundred pounds of honey yearly in their baking operation.

Address: 2323 Ralph Livengood Rd Bruceton Mills, WV

The Blended Homestead

The Blended Homestead is known for its swarm removal, honey production, nucs for sale, and individual and group hands-on beekeeping classes.

Address: 4145 Oglebay Drive Wheeling, WV

Honey Bee Hollow

The Honey Bee Hollow sells honey and handmade honey bee embroidered goods. 

Address: 1277 Ballard Run Elizabeth, WV

This-N-That Gift Shop

Check out and experience the many marvels of nature’s sweetest elixir at This-N-That Gift Shop. The delicious honey featured here is locally sourced by Mon River Honey and their charming store offers bee-related products for you to shop as well! Bee sure to stop by and see what all the buzz is about. This is the perfect way to help support local businesses while getting your hands on some delicious local honey.

Address: 57 Cory Road White Hall, WV

Mountain Dragon Mazery

Mountain Dragon Mazery offers delicious Meads, Melomels, & Methyglyns made with WV honey. 

Address: 1516 Morgantown Ave Fairmont, WV

The Joe

Their Local Honey Latte is a menu staple, made with Hive & Holler honey. The Joe offers this honey as an addition to any of their drinks — one of their favorites being an iced matcha with honey & oat milk. You’ll also find local honey in their recipes and Honey Chipotle Dressing. After you try a bite, purchase it right off the shelf from them!

Address: 323 1/2 Adams Street Fairmont, WV

Holcomb’s Honey

At Holcomb’s Honey, you’ll find queens, nucleus colonies, raw honey, as well as bee-related salves and balms.

Address: No physical location, check their Facebook to see where you can find them this week

Bridgeport Farmers Market

The Bridgeport Farmers Market hosts two local honey vendors every market Sunday. Here you’ll find Howe Sweet It Is, a local beekeeper that keeps their own bees and processes their own honey in Clarksburg. You’ll also be able to try Shipley’s Forest Hill Farm who sells local honey produced by another West Virginia beekeeper.

Address: 100 Marketplace Avenue Bridgeport, WV

Stone Tower Brews Bridgeport

Their Local Honey Latte is a menu staple, made with Hive & Holler honey. Stone Tower Brews offers this honey as an addition to any of their drinks — one of their favorites being iced matcha with honey & oat milk. You’ll also find local honey in their recipes and Honey Chipotle Dressing. After you try a bite, purchase it right off the shelf from them!

Address: 8000 Jerry Dove Drive Suite 116 Bridgeport, WV

Harrison County Beekeepers

Harrison County Beekeepers is a group dedicated to teaching new or beginner Beekeepers within the Harrison County, WV area. Become a member, or check out their members for your local source of honey!

Address: No physical location, find meeting information here

Hestia’s Way Acres

Hestia’s Way Acres sells at the Doddridge County Farmers Market and can be reached via phone or FB to place an order. This apiary provides honey, creamed honey, honey sticks, and several other products from the hive made from beeswax and propolis.

Address: No physical location, check out their Facebook to see if they’ll be at the market!

Stone Tower Brews Buckhannon

Their Local Honey Latte is a menu staple, made with Hive & Holler honey. Stone Tower Brews offers this honey as an addition to any of their drinks — one of their favorites being an iced matcha with honey & oat milk. You’ll also find local honey in their recipes and Honey Chipotle Dressing. After you try a bite, purchase it right off the shelf from them!

Address: 5 E Main Street Buckhannon, WV

The Market at Silver Lake Farms

The Market at Silver Lake Farms sells local honey from Lonewolf Farm and Crones Cottage Apiary.

Address: 153 Boulder Field Lane Augusta, WV

Double D’s Bees

Double D’s Bees offers 100% Local Raw Honey, 100% Natural Beeswax candles, assorted lip balms, and assorted balm.

Address: No physical location, check out their Facebook for contact information and where to find them

Charleston Bee Works

Hand-poured beeswax candles and botanical skincare made with local beeswax and honey. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices, Charleston Bee Works has become the go-to destination for individuals who appreciate the beauty and benefits of natural beeswax.

Address: No physical location, find a full list of their stocking spots, here

The Market at The Vandalia Co.

The Vandalia Market, nestled in the heart of Charleston, WV, is a captivating haven for those seeking an eclectic blend of artisanal crafts, locally sourced products, and a vibrant community atmosphere. With a rich tapestry of offerings, this unique marketplace invites visitors to explore a wide array of handcrafted goods, ranging from intricate jewelry and to local beeswax candles and honey products.

Address: 611 Tennessee Ave, Charleston, WV

J&J Bee Farm

Come purchase their local honey and honey pepper jelly at Whitts Farm Supply in Hurricane, WV, and The Wild Ramp in Huntington, WV. 

Address: No physical location, click the link for specific addresses for Whitts and The Wild Ramp

Heavenly Honey Apiary and Supplies

Heavenly Honey Apiary and Supplies offers a full line of beekeeping supplies with honey and honey bees also. Shop online here and schedule a time to pick up! 

Address: 513 Palestine Rd., Elizabeth, WV

Bearsville Bees

Full-service bee equipment supplier with all products made in their shop. Bearsville Bees also sells beekeeping supplies, bees, and honey.

Address: 314 Jewel Road Parkersburg, WV

Finch Mountain Farm

Finch Mountain Farm sells honey, honeycomb, lip balm, salve’s, and beeswax candles. Check out their Facebook for tabling events they’re at! 

Address: 3325 Pike Road Ellenboro, WV

Sleepy Holler Homestead LLC

Sleep Holler Homestead LLC raises bees and sells products from the hive.

Address: No physical location, check out their Facebook to see where they’re selling!

Honey Moon Apiary

Honey Moon Apiary has 20 colonies of honeybees through which they’re able to produce and sell local, raw honey and products from the hive including lip balm, beeswax candles, and several varieties of whipped honey.

Address: 1270 Nipetown Road Martinsburg, WV

Hive House Apiaries

Hive House Apiaries are producers of large quantities of local honey in the Eastern Panhandle and provide a market for other local beekeepers to sell their local honey. They often have 20 different local varieties and they run multiple apiaries. 

Address: 108 South Princess St. Shepherdstown, WV

Eversweet Apiaries

For over 20 years Eversweet Apiaries has provided raw honey, beekeeping supplies, and honeybee education. During the year, Eversweet holds numerous workshops, classes, and field days for beekeepers and non-beekeepers throughout the region. Eversweet produces their own honey and hive products but also retails honey from around the world. Eversweet loves to support all beekeepers and introduce people to different, interesting kinds of honey. Eversweet’s honey lobby is open 24/7/365 with an honor system for paying by cash or check.

Address: 85 Everhart Drive Kearneysville, WV

Shade’s Farm

Diversified Farm & Apiary. Find Shade’s Farm at the Shepherdstown Farmers Market, or check their Facebook to see where you can find them this week!

Address: No physical location, check Facebook to see where to purchase

North Mountain Farm & Apiary

North Mountain Farm & Apiary has plenty of bees and honey for sale.

Address: 277 Hollis Drive Gerrardstown, WV

Sweet Lou Farms

Sweet Lou Farms is a small local farm focusing on honeybee sales and honey production.
Address: No physical location, check out their Facebook to purchase honey

Cauldron Ridge

Cauldron Ridge offers herbal products made with beeswax, honey from local hives, and herbs pollinated by bees.

Address: No physical location, purchase online, or support them by adopting a honey bee!

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