Mayfield Farm

Mayfield Farm is a stop on the West Virginia Honey Trail, check out the full trail here!

Mayfield Farm is a small, organic, family-owned cut flower farm in Morgantown, West Virginia, set on the homestead of a historic farm. Their mixed bouquets are available at Terra Café or for pickup from the farm upon request!

They care deeply about the environment and leaving a better world for our children. 80% of cut flowers in the United States are imported from other countries, predominantly from South America. These flowers have a huge carbon footprint and often come from farms that grow them with unknown and unregulated pesticides. The end consumer rarely knows where their flowers come from, how they were grown and transported, and how many hands they have passed through. These monoculture flowers are bred to survive these long journeys, rather than for beauty or fragrance. Locally grown flowers are longer-lasting, more fragrant, more beautiful, and offer varieties that do not travel well and so could otherwise not be available to florists, wholesalers, and consumers.

We as consumers are becoming more conscious of what we buy – where it’s from, how it’s produced, and what is the human and environmental impact. Flowers are no different, and the movement to “buy local” has reached the flower industry as well. Our farm provides gorgeous and sustainable flowers to our community!

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554 Mayfield Rd
Morgantown, WV 26508 USA

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(304) 449-4866