Mountaineer Country Pledge to Prevent Coronavirus

Mountaineer Country is our home, we are responsible for ourselves and each other. We work together, play together and help each other. We know that there is power in our communities coming together to protect our health. As we move through this pandemic, we will rise up to meet the challenges. Visit Mountaineer Country Convention & Visitors Bureau is featuring those individuals promising to follow guidelines issued by county health departments with "Mountaineer Country Pledge to Prevent Coronavirus." We will take necessary steps to keep each other safe. And we will not put ourselves or others at risk. Our safety and the safety of our communities, neighbors and family is our top priority.
Mountaineer Country Pledge to Prevent

Make the Pledge to:

  • Follow current CDC guidelines.
  • Maintain proper social distancing from others.
  • Wear a mask or face covering where social distancing measures cannot be maintained.
  • Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and frequently clean any surfaces you touch.
  • Monitor your health daily for symptoms of COVID-19 and notify the county health department if you exhibit symptoms.

Once you make the Pledge:

  1. You’ll receive a URL via email for a Visit Mountaineer Country Facebook Frame.
  2. Follow the link to Facebook. (You may have to log in.)
  3. Select the Frame and click “Use As Profile Picture”.
  4. Comment on your newly posted profile picture who you wear the mask for and tag them. (example: “I wear the mask for …”)
  5. Use the hashtag #VisitMountaineerCountry to show your support for your community.
  6. Stop by the Mountaineer Country CVB for your “Mountaineer Country Pledge to Prevent Coronavirus” sticker. It represents your promise to follow the guidelines and keep us all safe.
    • Address:
      341 Chaplin Road 1st floor,
      Morgantown, WV 26501

Make the Pledge

View Names

Tyler H.

Michael D.

Meredith E.

Susan R.

Brittany W.

Anita L.

Helen J.

Becky H.

Blaithe T.

Kay F.

Zach F.

Suncerae N.

Ruth L.

Tom H.

Sandy G.

Erica L.

Siobhan T.

Cavan T.

Allena C.

Kevin C.

Rachel F.

Leah C.

Jolene D.

Megan R.

Jeanne C.

Kayla Z.

Judy S.

Cassandra S.

Darrell S.

Stephen F.

Robbie B.

Jessie S.

Jean G.

Cameron L.

Darlene B.

Jeanne G.

Katie R.

Amy H.

Meredith D.

Nichole G.


Lauren G.

Marissa D.

Edith W.

Crystal D.

Benjamin M.

Lauren B.

Morgan A.

Maddison R.

Jennifer G.

Hany E.

Janet L.

Bridget B.

Carolyn S.

Dakota G.

Hayden D.

Vicki C.

Melanie F.

Ruth E.

Michael E.

Michael R.

Noah J.

Noelle N.

Ashley A.

Dann B.

Joe C.

Kerri C.

Courtney S.

Courtney S.

Jeanie B

Lisa J.

Pamela B.

Anthony L.

Kerissa K.

Michaela M.

Emily M.

Jim R.

Tyler S.

Roxanne R.

Sheila S.

Kimberly D.

Kristen G.

Daniel Z.

Beth P.

Caden H.

Andy B.

Kelly R.

Carol A.

Bill K.

Whinston A.

Debra B.

Peyton H.

Franki R.

Dawn C.

Amanda K.

Serinda W.

Sheila W.

Tammy H

Warren H.

Kathy M.

Mark N.

Kim S.

Amber S.

Amanda B.

Amanda B.

Alisa J.

Gallery of Masks

Share your mask-selfie by tagging @VisitMountaineerCountry on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtag #MasksInMountaineerCountry.