Greater Morgantown Public Art Passport

Have you found all the art this city has to offer?

Throughout this passport, art lovers will have the opportunity to discover a variety of public art pieces. As you visit each piece of art, check the stamp on your physical pocket passport in the corner of each page so you can track your journey. Don’t have your physical passport? Come see us at Visit Mountaineer Country CVB (341 Chaplin Road, Morgantown, WV 26501). We will hook you up!


Title of Art: Creatio

Description: In March 2021, As a part of Main Street Morgantown’s Design Committee vision to bring art to downtown Morgantown, this mural was created in collaboration with the Morgantown Parking Authority and the Organizational Arts Grant by artist Jennifer Ramsey.

Address: Pleasant and Chestnut St. Parking Garage.

Title of Art: Steppin’ Out Too

Description: This mural on the side of the new Apothecary Ale House was created in collaboration with Mainstreet Morgantown and artist Brian Pickens in June 2021.

Address: Apothecary Ale House, 227 Spruce St.

Title of Art: When a Door Closes Another One Opens

Description: This colorful piece, depicting butterflies and natural elements, was created by local artist Eddie Spaghetti with help from his family. The piece can be found next to the Morgantown Farmers Market Pavilion on Spruce St.

Address: 432 Spruce St.

Title of Art: Birth of A Song

Description: Created by artist Jamie Lester, Birth of a Song was added to the Greater Morgantown community in August 2023. With the help of This mural was made possible through the contributions of Jamie Lester, Andrew White, Nadia Pinna, under the Vandalia Bronze company. The mural is done entirely with spray paint and depicts a child in the process of creating art. The mural can be found on the side of Andrew White Guitars.

Address: 198 Foundry St.

Title of Art: Trusting the Mystery

Description: Created by artist Ali Williams, “trusting the Mystery” on Fayette St. depicts a large owl and rainbow, made possible through Main Street Morgantown.

Address: Fayette St.

Title of Art: Harriet Tubman

Description: “Harriet Tubman” was created by artist Elijah Pollard. The piece was inspired by the rich history of the former 1980s Underground Railroad bar at 123 Pleasant St. in 2019.

Address: 123 Pleasant St.

Title of Art: Golden Wind

Description: The mural “Golden Wind” was fabricated by artist Bernie Wilke on the corner of High and Fayette St. The piece depicts a young girl moving from a brick wall with a colorful ribbon, intended to express the diverse various passions we follow in the hills of Morgantown.

Address: 376 High St.

Title of Art: Shine

Description: Located on the Monongahela River Waterfront is a mosaic designed and created by artist Deborah Palmer. The piece featuring the word “Shine” is made from a collection of colorful glass pieces.

Address: Mountaineer Heritage Park, Don Knotts Blvd.

Title of Art: Little Explorers

Description: Completed by artist Nichole Westfall in October 2022, the mural was made possible through the WV Department of Arts, Culture, and History Youth Engagement granting initiative. The piece was made possible through the support and contributions of Woodburn’s youth and student population.

Address: 918 Fortney St.

Title of Art: Appalachian Quilt

Description: This mural was created by Morgantown High School students downtown through the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown impact grants in June 2021.

Address: Milan Puskar Health Right, 341 Spruce St

Title of Art: Morgantown Downtown Kiosks

Description: Located at the corner of High Street and Pleasant Street, the Morgantown Kiosk features the work of Liz Pavlovic and Elisha Rush. The Kiosk includes images of Morgantown staples on one side and a map on the other.

Address: Corner of High Street and Pleasant St.

Title of Art: Painted Downtown Electrical Box

Description: Located on Morgantown’s Downtown High St. is a public art piece fabricated by artist Elijah S. Pollard in May 2021. The public piece features colorful animals displayed across an electrical box downtown.

Address: High St.

Title of Art: Ways of Caring

Description: Started under Give Change that Matters, with lead artist Eve Faulkes, the creative talents of Gina McLaughlin, Caitlin Suss, and a variety of volunteers. The “Ways of Caring’ mural features important individuals of Morgantown History and advocates for the ways these individuals and our community cared. The mural was created in October 2019.

Address: Milan Puskar Health Rite, 341 Spruce St.

Title of Art: Patty’s Art Spot

Description: Patty’s Art Spot is a local tattoo shop owned by Patty and Craig Colebank. The location has a mural featured on both sides of the building created by artist Patty Colebank, covering it with bright colors.

Address: 1836 Listravia Ave, Morgantown

Title of Art: Cardinal

Description: Located on the Co-Op building is a large depiction of the West Virginia State bird, the Cardinal. The mural created by artist Malissa Goff Baker in 2019 was made possible through the Organizational Arts Grant with Your Community Foundation of North Central WV and the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown

Address: 131 Pleasant St.

Title of Art: PRT Mural – WVU Art Movement

Description: The WVU Art Movement is a student organization that worked to beautify the WVU PRT downtown location in 2015. The design reflects WVU pride through the colors and is tyles in waves to represent the Monongahela River

Address: 96 Beechurst Ave.

Title of Art: Mills Group – 15th Anniversary

Description: The Mills Brothers in Downtown Morgantown unveiled their mural addition in November of 2020 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their business. The public art installation is illuminated by solar panels.

Address: 88 High St.

Title of Art: Metropolitan Billiards Hall Mural

Description:  Completed through the initiative of Chris Evans and Stephen Dilettoso in March 2021, Brian Pickens designed and fabricated the mural depicting the previous characters of the poolhall in charcoal.

Address: 371 High St.

Title of Art: Genes Beer Garden

Description:  tribute to the former owners of Gene’s Beer Garden, the Perilli Family, celebrating its place in history as the longest-running bar in Morgantown, being established in 1944. It also features various elements of the Gene’s experience like music, billiards, and sports. This mural was done by Morgantown area artist Brian Pickens in September of 2019.

Address: 455 Wilson Ave

Title of Art: Old Town Mural

Description: The artist and date of the Old Town Mural is unknown, but it has been an eye-catching mural for years, depicting the downtown area.

Address: 419 High St.

Title of Art: Court St. Mural

Description: Created by artist Christian Deleon, this rainbow piece was made possible through the Organizational Arts Grant in November 2019.

Address: Court St.

Title of Art: Mountaineer Statue

Description: Bronze Statue of the official West Virginia University Mascot created by sculpture artist Donald Delue in 1972.

Address: 1550 University Ave.

Title of Art: Don Knotts Statue

Description: A bronze statue commemorating the life of the beloved Don Knotts was created by artist Jamie Lester in 2016. This iconic pieces finds its home directly outside the Metropolitan Theatre.

Address: 371 High St.


Title of Art: Coca Cola Mural

Description: This mural was created by artist, John D. “Jack” Courtney in 1953 and restored in 2015. The artist was a local Coca-Cola employee at that time, and this piece represents the unique advertising history of the international brand and history of the downtown community.

Address: 456 High St.

Title of Art: Flowing Outward and Beyond

Description: This oil on canvas piece was created by artist George Gardner Symons in 1928. The mural can be found inside the Elizabeth Moore Hall building on the West Virginia University Campus.

Address: 1507 University Ave.

Title of Art: Trash Receptacle Wraps

Description: Scattered across downtown Morgantown, numerous local artists completed vinyl wraps on a variety of trash receptacles and electrical boxes. The project was made possible through Main Street Morgantown and Arts Monongahela, with printing from Stick Co. The various artists represented include Sally Brown, Beth Keener-Flanery, Elisha Rush, and Elijah S. Pollard.

Address: Various locations in Downtown Morgantown

Title of Art: Mineral Industries

Description: Wall painting completed under the Treasury Department’s section of Fine Arts chronicling the extraction and processing of West Virginia’s Raw materials, including coal, and gas. The mural was created by artist Robert Lewis Lepper in 1942. A replica of the mural can be seen in the bank scene of the popular movie “Spider Man”.

Address: White Hall, Room G-21, 135 Willey St.

Title of Art: Storybook Castle

Description: This ceramic mural was commissioned by the Service League and fabricated by artist Josephine Mather Aull in 1965. The piece features well-beloved fairytale stories and characters in the Morgantown Public Library.

Address: 373 Spruce St.  

Title of Art: Colonial Zackquill Morgan Statue

Description: This bronze statue commemorating the founder of the City of Morgantown was created by the talented artist Jamie Lester in 2016.

Address: 300 Spruce St.

Title of Art: Quantum Bean

Description of Art: The Quantum Bean mural was designed and fabricated by artist Sophia Rose in November 2018. The unique piece decorates the side of a south park favorite coffee shop with a beautiful picture of pouring coffee.

Address: 258 Kingwood St.

Title of Art: Greenmont Mural

Description: Created by Jessie Haring, the Welcome to Greenmont mural depicts this historic neighborhood’s working-class roots while highlighting some of Greenmont’s iconic figures and businesses. This mural was entirely crowd-funded by neighbors and current and former residents, who donated graciously in support of both Jessie’s talent and Greenmont’s revival.  The mural was completed in August 2022.

Address: Green St, Morgantown WV

Title of Art: Greenmont Gnome Mural

Description: Created by Jessie Haring, the Greenmont Gnome Mural represents a playful symbolism between the working-class immigrants that settled Greenmont and the popular ever-toiling garden gnomes of European folklore.  Gnomes are believed to bring happiness and good luck.  Much like the immigrants of Greenmont seeking prosperity through hard work and good fortune in America, these gnomes are working happily to build their new life in Greenmont.  This was completed in the summer of 2021.

Address: Green St, Morgantown WV (down the road from Madeleines)


Title of Art: All Gave Some, Some Gave All

Description: Made by an unknown artist under the supervision and initiative of Mathews International in 2011. The piece is sculpted from bronze and honors the Star City Veterans.

Address: Edith B. Barril Riverfront Park, Leeway St. Star City.

Title of Art: Star City Riverfront Mosaic

Description of Art: The Star City Riverfront Mosaic was created by Deborah Palmer to depict the vast past and history of Star City. Located on the river front, the mosaic illustrates glass factories, railroads, a river barge, and a ferry crossing from the years before.

Address: Star City Riverfront Park, Leeway St. Star City

Title of Art: A Father’s Love

Description: John F. Kennedy Memorial an homage to fatherhood, includes bronze statue depicting John F. Kenndy Jr. Saluting his father’s casket in 1963, and a base-relief of President Kennedy. The statue recognizes Senator Kennedy’s announcement of his intention to run in the W primary on February 4, 1960, in Star City, WV

Address: Edith B. Barill Riverfront Park, Leeway St.

Title of Art: Veterans Crosswalk Mural

Description: Made possible through the Organizational Arts Grant, Danielle Rudash and the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown partnered together with Star City to create a memorial crosswalk dedicated to veterans. Located across the Star City Riverfront Park, the patriotic crosswalk proudly displays the words, “All gave some, some gave all”

Address: Edith B. Barill Riverfront Park, Leeway St.


Title of Art: “Cattail Salutes Red-Wings Metallic Trill Then Casts its Fluffy Seeds Out Upon These Hills”

Description: Made possible through the Organizational Arts Grant, facilitated through the Mon River Trails Conservancy and fabricated by local artist Eddie Spaghetti in August 2022. The work features the Red-Winged Black Bird and Christmas ferns! Pass the pieces while strolling along the Wharf District Trail (Mile 10).

Address: Flour and Feed (156 Clay St) (Mile 10).

Title of Art: Singing Tree of Diversity

Description: The “Singing Tree of Diversity” is a mosaic piece done by Morgantown artist, Debora Palmer in 2012. She led this project, along with the “All Around Town” project with the Board of Parks and Recreation (BOPARC) campers and community partners. It was a collaborative effort of more than 300 participants, including WVU Hospitals. This mosaic shows the strength, diversity, and landscape of the city.

Address: 1 Waterfront Place

Title of Art: Whirlwinds

Description: Created by artist Ann Tarantino in July 2022, the colorful “Whirlwinds” mural can be found underneath the Westover Bridge next to the Hazel Ruby McQuain Park. The public art piece is covered on both sides and greets the public as they enter the park’s parking lot.

Address: 185 Garret St.

Title of Art: The Friends of Deckers Creek

Description: Friends of Decker’s Creek continued their dedication to public art and their community by planning the installation of their second mural in 2019. The mural features woodland creatures that visitors of Decker’s Creek could encounter. The organization partnered with artist Michael McDevitt and local community volunteers to create the piece. The mural is located below the Valley Crossings Bridge along the rail trail.

Address: Deckers Creek Rail Trail, Mile 0 (Under Don Knotts Boulevard bridge)

Title of Art: Uffington Rail Trail Pavilion Mural

Description: Eddie Maier took on a mural project in April 2020 to add his creativity to spots on the Mon River Rail Trail. Eddie’s work can be seen on a pavilion up a mile from Uffington on the Mon River Rail Trail.

Address: Mon River Trail South

Title of Art: WV Northern Rail Trail Mini Murals

Description: Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission and Preston Trail Towns collaborated with artist Eddie Spaghetti and the WV Department of Arts, Culture, and History to put art in this place and transform it into a place of positive social connection.

Address: 755 Campground Road


Title of Art: Try Your Water Wings

Description: Created by artist Beth Keener-Flanery, “Try Your Water Wings” was added to the Mylan Park Aquatic Center in May 2022. The Mylan Park Aquatic Center is a state-of-the-art aquatic facility that offers competitive public pools, along with exercise programs. The piece incorporates drops of water to form a pair of wings for guest photo opportunities.

Address: 1847 Fitness Way

Title of Art: Seasons of Appalachia

Description: Mosaic murals titled “Seasons of Appalachia” was designed by art teacher Sarah Billoti and created with the assistance of staff and students onto the side of Mylan Park Elementary School in May 2021.

Address: Mylan Park Elementary School, 901 Mylan Park Lane

Title of Art: Spirit Wall

Description: Deborah Palmer began heading the project to restore the “Spirit Wall” Mosaic mural in 2018. Dorsey’s Knob was chosen as the site for the original mural and its successor because of the high volume of foot traffic the park receives. It aims to ensure that the citizens of Morgantown and students of WVU can learn about the culture of the Native Americans that once stood where they stood, while also providing a beautiful piece of artwork to the city.

Address: 1 Fawley Lane

Title of Art: West Virginia Botanic Garden Shipping Container

Description: Melissa Goff Baker was selected by the West Virginia Botanic Garden to bring to life a shipping container they had located on the property. Baker took on the project and transformed the container into a vibrant public art piece in December of 2020.

Address: 1061 Tyrone Rd.

Title of Art: Mon River Van Voorhis Park Murals

Description: Long paintings designed in November 2020 now decorate the Mon River trail featuring work from local artists Elijah S. Pollard and ChancyGlance.

Address: Van Voorhis Park

Title of Art: Metamorphosis

Description: Founding Arts in the Park Director and Artist Debora Palmer designed this mural on the back of the Kroger in Sabraton. It is located next to the Friends of Deckers Creek Outdoor Learning Park and along the Deckers Creek Rail Trail. The mural is accessible by walking on the Rail Trail; or, one can park in the back left hand corner of the Kroger parking lot and follow the trail behind the building.

Address: 1851 Earl Core Road

Title of Art: Flight

Description of Art: Created by local artist and active community member, Deborah Palmer, “Flight” can be found displayed on 6 walls located inside the Morgantown Municipal Airport. The project was taken on in 2017 with assistance from City Manager, Paul Brake. Palmer incorporated the assistance from “Arts in the Park” campers.

Address: 100 Hart Field Rd.


Title of Art: Jerry West and Hot Rod Hundley Sculptures

Description: These two large bronze statues created by artist Jamie Lester display the West Virginia University Basketball stars, Jerry West and Hot Rod Hundley.

Address: WVU Coliseum, 3450 Monongahela Blvd.

Art Sites

  1. WVU Mountain lair (1550 University Ave.)
    1. Known as “the lair” the student hub combines educational, social, recreational and cultural needs of WVU including its own art collection of art and objects on display throughout the building.
  2. Stewart Hall (1500 University Ave.)
    1. WVU’s historic administration building hosts changing art exhibits through the WVU Libraries Curation.
  3. WVU Downtown Campus Library
    1. Main Campus library includes 6 floors of revolving exhibits including WVU students, faculty and community work as well as historical displays
  4. West Virginia and Regional History Center (1549 University Ave.)
    1. Located on the 6th floor of the Downtown Campus Wise Library, WVRHC offers the largest collection of materials related to the history of West Virginia and central Appalachia. The center includes a library, manuscript collection, collects, preserves, and provides public access to materials and exhibitions.
  5. Appalachian Gallery (270 Walnut Street)
    1. The Appalachian Gallery is an art gallery, gift shop, and framing studio dedicated to promoting local artists and hardworking artisans.
  6. Morgantown Art Party (218 Walnut Street)
    1. Morgantown Art Party is a nonprofit artist cooperative with a gallery showcasing local art. The location hosts numerous events for local performers/groups and offers rehearsal rental space for practicing artists.
  7. Morgantown Art Bar
    1. Joining Morgantown as a new creative gathering space, the Morgantown Art Bar is a local creative gathering space that offers delicious foods and drinks. The space hosts a variety of performances and events, with numerous community opportunities.
  8. Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) (107 High Street)
    1. Nonprofit arts and culture center showcasing local artists and performers.
  9. Morgantown History Museum (175 Kirk Street)
    1. The Morgantown History Museum preserves and promotes the local and regional history for are residents and visitors.
  10. Health Sciences Center (1 Medical Center Drive)
    1. Health Sciences Center boasts four student-made inside murals themed around health, and the “History of Medicine” marble pylons by artist Milton Horn. Health Sciences Library hosts changing exhibitions and permanent displays of Life Magnified and Allan Jones medical photography. Health Sciences Center also houses the Cook-Hayman Pharmacy displaying a unique collection of 18th and 19th century pharmacy memorabilia.
  11. WVU Erickson Alumni Center Nutting Gallery (1 Alumni Dr.)
    1. Opened in 2008, the Center houses the Nutting Gallery with rotating exhibits, curating through the Arts Council of Greater Morgantowns Gallery Without Walls program. The Jack Fleming statue by sculpture Jamie Lester honoring the former WVU football and basketball announcer is located on the site. Outside, on view is From the Mountain, a bronze statue by Burl Jones dedicated in 2010.
  12. Evansdale Library (1212 Evansdale Dr.)
    1. Temporary exhibits as well as several permanent artworks including Proposition for Post Digital Landscape, a largescale abstract acrylic painting on the 2nd floor by Amy Schissel created in 2018.
  13. The Royce J. and Caroline B. Watts Museum (Mineral Resources Building, 401 Evansdale Dr.)
    1. Dedicated to preserving and promoting the social, cultural and technological history of WV’s coal and petroleum industries through collection, research and exhibitions.
  14. Art Museum of WVU (20 Fine Arts Dr.)
    1. The Art Museum of WVU, part of the College of Creative Arts, serves as a cultural and educational resource for WV, providing exhibitions, programs, and preservations of their vast art collections.
  15. Nath Sculpture Garden at the Art Museum of WVU (30 Fine Arts Dr.)
    1. Outside the Art Museum of WVU, the Nath Sculpture Garden is a 2.5 acre garden and path including several sculptures and a variety of plants.
  16. WVU Creative Arts Center Galleries and Outdoor Sculpture (1436 Evansdale Dr.)
    1. The WVU Creative Arts Center is home to the College of Creative Arts. Inside the lobby interior Terrain, a sculpture by Alison Helm, Director of School of Art and Design. The CAC also houses the Paul and Laura Mesaros Galleries which host changing exhibitions of contemporary art. Around the perimeter of the CAC is an outdoor sculpture site, comprised of permanent sculptures all have similar themes of synthesis to the natural environment and industrial elements. It features permanent structures: Last Dance, the Discovery IV, The Bubble Pack Bench Series, and Earth Giant.
  17. West Virginia Botanic Garden (1061 Tyrone Rd.)
    1. The West Virginia Botanic Garden at Tibbs Run Preserve seeks to foster learning, inspiration, and well-being through the beauty and wonder of plants, the natural environment, and culturally enriching experiences.
  18. Morgantown Art Association Gallery (5000 Greenbag Rd.)
    1. MAA provides classes and workshops with renowned instructors at the gallery and opportunities to display art in all medias.
  19. Morgantown Glass Museum (1628 Mileground Rd.)
    1. This museum exhibits the collections of glass from the Morgantown Glass Company. Seneca Glass company and Gentile Glass Company.
  20. Old Hemlock Foundation (17098 Brandonville Pike, Bruceton Mills.)
    1. Old Hemlock Foundation preserves and promotes the legacy of artist and author George Bird Evans and his wife, Kay Evans.
  21. New Deal Homestead Museum (Q-Road and A-Road, Arthurdale WV)
    1. The New Deal Homestead Museum is a multi-building museum including a forge with original tools, an Esso service station of a bygone era, the historic Center hall, the original federal government administration building, and a fully restored Arthurdale Homestead. The Craft Shop specializes in Appalachian crafts and quality gifts.
  22. Black Bear Burritos (3119 University Ave)
    1. Black Bear Burritos is a participating location in the Gallery Without Walls Program through the Arts Council of Greater Morgantown. Located near the Evansdale Campus, Black Bear Burritos has been a staple in the Morgantown community, offering delicious burritos and more.
  23. Citizens Bank on High Street (265 High St.)
    1. Citizens Bank is a participant of the ACGM Gallery without Walls Program, located on High Street. The bank’s lobby features rotating pieces of work.
  24. Morgantown Airport (100 Hart Field Rd)
    1. The Morgantown Municipal Airport features its “Art in the Airport” series with the Morgantown Art Association, featuring rotating and temporary exhibitions.
  25. BOPARC Wiles Hill Community Building – Deborah Palmer Gallery
    1. Located in the Wiles Hill Community building, the Deborah Palmer Gallery was recently dedicated to community champions and artist.