5 Tips and Tricks for Incoming Freshmen at WVU

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1. Take a Walk Through Campus

If you had a prior orientation day or you came with your parents to visit the University, you probably took a tour of West Virginia University’s downtown campus. However, you may not have had your schedule at the time or remember each hall name. If you have the chance before your classes start, take a relaxing stroll through either the downtown campus or Evansdale–or both–and map out your daily schedule. This is a great time to time yourself on how long it will take you to get from your dorm to class, or one class to the next, as well as find a place to relax if you have down time. If you live off-campus, this is a good time to plan your bus schedule or find the best parking spots.

Source: @WVUCrossing

2. Find a Unique Spot to Relax During Down Time

The Mountainlair is the ideal spot for eating and hanging out with friends. However, if you’re someone who likes a little more peace and quiet, find a spot where you can go to clear your mind or study for your next class; the downtown library, Elizabeth Moore Hall, Mountainlair lawn and the back entrance steps to Woodburn Hall. If you’re on Evansdale campus, the library, Evansdale Crossing or the Student Recreation Center tend to be popular spots as well.

3. Invest in a Lightweight Backpack and Coin Wallet

Whether you carry a backpack or a large tote, make sure it’s lightweight and durable. Between walking to class in rain or shine, and climbing steps, the last thing you want is an extra heavy bag. Also, purchase a small coin wallet that’s big enough for your WVU student ID. This way, you will know where it’s at and be less likely to lose it. Plus, it will be convenient to find when you need it (which is more often than you think) especially if you ride the PRT or Mountain Line.


4. Pick up a Flying WV Face Sticker for Game Day

Mountaineer fans like to be decked out in Gold and Blue from head-to-toe. However, if you wear a flying WV face sticker, you’ll fit right in. Whether or not school spirit existed in your high school, it does here at WVU–and in a big way! Attend as many football and basketball games as you can, and join the student section “Mountaineer Maniacs!” Cheer on other exciting sports teams such as the rifle team, gymnastics, baseball, women’s soccer and more! No matter what, whenever you hear “Let’s Go,” be ready to yell back, “Mountaineers” at any given time.

5. Get Social

Follow @WestVirginiaU on all their social accounts to stay up-to-date on activities and events happening around campus. Following the University’s social channels is the first step in connecting with places and people. You may even find an event or a coffee shop you want to visit! Try it out and make new friends while you’re there. Whether you start with social media or you connect with classmates, never be afraid to meet new people and try new things. WVU and Mountaineer Country have so much to offer all year long. Dive in…adventure awaits!

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