Mountain Biking in Mountaineer Country, WV

Take on the wild and wonderful loops and curves of mountain biking trails in Mountaineer Country. With state parks and lush forests stretched throughout the entirety of north-central West Virginia, there is always a new challenge waiting for you. Find your next adventure at each of these mountain biking destinations in Mountaineer Country and plan your trip to West Virginia today!

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As the 3rd most forested state, West Virginia is the perfect place to see fall color. To help you explore the more than 1,500+ miles of trails within the state, we have teamed up with AllTrails, the #1 hiking app. Click the button below to start traversing the trails of West Virginia.

Discover WV Hikes

Coopers Rock State Forest

Race beneath the canopy of Coopers Rock State Forest as you take on more than 50-miles of single and doubletrack biking trails. Choose between easy rides between campgrounds or take the climb to the top via the steep slops of Cheat River Canyon.

Registered Trails

  • Clay Furnace Trail: This 0.8-mile trail takes riders from the first parking area available to visitors of Coopers Rock State Forest to the Henry Clay Furnace via a relatively level, but moderately difficult forest path.
  • Clay Run Trail: Travel between the Coopers Rock campgrounds and the Henry Clay Furnace along this 1.8-mile trail. A steep hillside and dense forest make this a moderately difficult trail to traverse.
  • McCollum Trail: Use this 1-mile connector trail to travel between the McCollum Campground and the main forest road. This easy route intersects with the Ravens Rock Trail, creating the perfect opportunity for a scenic detour. 
  • Mont Chateau Trail: Watch out for the slide! This 2.6-mile trail starts off at the Henry Clay Iron Furnace, taking riders down the mountainside to Cheat Lake. The continuous slope makes this a moderate to difficult trail. 
  • Rattlesnake Trail: Overlook the Cheat River Canyon as you ride along this 0.7-mile trail. This moderate trail connects the main parking lot with the Rock City outdoor destination.
  • Ravens Rock Trail: Take a quick detour off the main road entering Coopers Rock to find the Ravens Rock Trail. This moderate trail is 1.5-miles of rough terrain and gnarly ground. Riders who take this trail are rewarded with breathtaking views of the Cheat River Canyon.
  • Reservoir Loop Trail: This easy trail takes riders along a clear path that starts and ends at the Clay Run Trail. At only 0.7-miles, it’s easy to add this quick loop onto your trail route for even more adventure.
  • Rock City Trail: Don’t miss this easy 1-mile trail through Rock City! Winding paths take riders through a series of unique rock and boulder formations, followed by clusters for flowering rhododendrons.
  • Rhododendron Trail: This moderate trail takes mountain bikers from the lower picnic area along a 1-mile forested route to the Henry Clay Iron Furnace.
  • Ridge Trail: This 1.5-mile trail connects the Rock City shelter with the Mont Chateau Trail. Mountain bikers should be wary of the moderate grade on this downward slopping route.
  • Roadside Trail: As the name implies, this trail follows alongside the main road entering Coopers Rock State Park. This 3-mile trail consists of a clear dirt path surrounded by tall pine trees with a steady incline that’s beginner-friendly.
  • Scott Run Train: Test your limits with this 2.6-mile trail that follows the Scott Run River around the base on Coopers Rock State Park before starting a steep climb to the top of the mountain. This difficult trail can be connected with the Roadside Trail to create a continuous loop. 

Click here to download an official trail map.

Valley Falls State Park

Valley Falls West Virginia Mountain Biking

Known for stunning views of four cascading waterfalls, Valley Falls State Park is more than just a water feature in the heart of Mountaineer Country. Mountain bikers can race through 25-miles of easy, intermediate, and difficult trails.

Registered Trails (info)

  • Rhododendron Trail: Take on this intermediate trail for 1.9-miles of continuous incline. Start your ride at the gravel parking lot and race to the top of Valley Falls.
  • Rocky Trail: Consisting of an East and West Rute, the Rocky Trail at Valley Falls has a total distance of 1.5-miles. This difficult route earns it names with more than a few obstacles for riders to look out for along the trail.
  • Dogwood Trail: Take it easy with this 0.7-mile trail through the center of Valley Falls State Park. The Dogwood Trail is a grassy doubletrack that remains relatively level before ending with a gradual downward slope.
  • Wild Turkey Trail: Not for the faint of heart, this 1-mile trail takes mountain bikers along the steep ridgeline of Valley Falls State Park. Recommended for experienced riders.
  • Red Fox Trail: Add this 0.3-mile connector route to your trail map for a quick detour through dense forest and a rougher ride.
  • Deer Trail: Peddle your way through 2.0-miles of ravines at Valley Falls State Park. This easy trail starts with a gradual decline before leveling out for the second half of the route.
  • Red Cardinal Trail: This 0.9-mile trail demands a lot of attention and skill thanks to steep descents, root-covered paths and fallen trees.
  • Valley Falls Trail: Combine all of the trails at Valley Falls State Park into a continuous 10-mile loop. This well-rounded trail features everything from rough terrain, steep climbs, easy straightaways and more.

Big Bear Lake Campgrounds

Big Bear Lake Mountain Biking Trails in WV
Explore the Big Bear Lake Trail Center for 50-miles of bike trails and adventure. Beginners and experienced mountain bikers will find the trail that calls them thanks to a wide variety of terrain and elevation. Home to Bike Bash West Virginia—Formerly Dirt Rag Dirt Fest, WV—Big Bear Lake continues to challenge experienced mountain bikers year after year.

Registered Trails

  • Race Loop: Take on the Big Bear Race course with this 13.1-mile singletrack loop. Ride over rocky terrain, gradual climbs, and tight slaloms scattered throughout this technically demanding trail.
  • Swamp Trail: Broken into both an East and West portion, the Swamp Trail at Big Bear Lake has a total distance of 1.7-miles. Ride over wooden boardwalks through mud bogs and meadows.
  • Crack Trail: This difficult trail is a must for experienced mountain bikers looking for a challenging—and rewarding—trail. Ride over gravel paths and rocky gardens before making your way through a series of tight boulder-framed paths.
  • Gene’s Trail: Test your endurance with this 1.5-mile trail. Multiple rock-drops, tight turns and root-covered paths require a little extra effort on the part of even the most experienced rider.
  • Mother of Crack: This 1.3-mile singletrack takes riders through a series of picturesque rock formations and sloping hills.
  • Voodoo Rocks: This 1.2-mile trail flows seamlessly into Crack Trail, taking riders past unique rock formations before splitting off towards the dam at Big Bear Lake.
  • Fern Trail: This 1-mile connector trail helps to create a singletrack loop with Mother of Crack and the Race Loop. Moderate rocks and roots throughout this trail offer a fun challenge for riders along the way.
  • 3-Mile Loop: This easy 3.0-mile trail begins and ends on Alaskan Boulevard and can be used to connect to other trails throughout Big Bear Lake.
  • Jump Trail: Leading off from the parking lot, this 0.9-mile intermediate trail offers ample opportunities to catch some air over a short series of drop-offs. Riders looking to extend their ride can cross over Beaver Creek to connect with Voo Doo Rocks.

View the official trail map for more information. 

White Park

White Park Mountain Biking Trails
Tucked away in the South Park neighborhood of Morgantown, White Park is a hidden gem for mountain bikers looking for a network of short trails that come together into one continuous loop. Less than two miles from downtown, White Park offers easy access to the Mon River Rail Trail, local shops and restaurants.

Registered Trails

  • The White Park Loop: This 3.4-mile route is a singletrack trail comprised of all other walking and biking trails found at White Park. With short circuits of varying difficulty linked together, this trail is perfect for intermediate-level mountain bikers looking for an exciting route that never dulls or becomes tedious.
  • Rail-Trail Access: Use this 956-foot connector trail to travel between White Park and the Mon River Rail Trail. Caution is advised as this trail crosses an intersection.
  • Woodland Trail: This easy trail is dedicated to mountain biking. With a total distance of 3,632-feet, the Woodland Trail takes riders along the Cobun Creek Reserve, around the southern edge of White Park.
  • Lakeshore Trail: This 1,622-foot trail connects the White Park Parking lot with the Woodland trail, offering a relatively easy ride with a few sharp drops.
  • Big Trees Trail: Prepare for a climb along the Big Tree Trail. This 1,141-foot trail takes riders through the uppermost forest of White Park, crossing Mississippi Street and connecting with Woodland Trail.
  • Learning Trails: A popular singletrack, the Learning Trail offers moderate difficulty through mixed terrain for a total distance of 3,102-feet.
  • Rollercoaster Trail: Resist the urge to put your arms up! The Rollercoaster trail is 1,017-feet of downhill descent over moderately rough terrain. It’s recommended that riders scout the trail for large obstacles before attempting their run.

Dorsey’s Knob Park

Climb to one of the highest point in Monongalia County when you visit Sky Rock at Dorsey’s Knob Park, located in Morgantown WV. The park itself covers over 70-acres of land with fourteen trails accessible to hikers and mountain bikers alike. The park also serves as a frisbee golf course, so riders are encouraged to take caution around turns.

Registered Trails

  • Mountaineer Trail
  • Mountain Meadow Trail
  • Lower Meadow Trail
  • Cross Meadow Trail
  • Upper Spring Box Trail
  • Sky Rock Trail
  • Cherry Tree Trail
  • Farmer’s Lane Trail
  • Fire Ring Trail
  • Sycamore Lane Trail
  • Garden Pond Trail
  • Over Pond walk Trail
  • Barnyard Way Trail
  • Cobun Trail

Mon River Rail Trail System

Decker's Creek Trail Mountain Biking
Reaching across three counties in Mountaineer Country, the Mon River Rail Trail System is 48-miles of accessible walking, hiking, and biking path open to the public all year round. This trail system joined the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame in September 2020, earning 60% off that year’s public vote, beating out similar trails in California and Florida.

The Mon River Rail Trail is comprised of three individual trail systems: the Mon River Trail, the Caperton Trail, and the Deckers Creek Trail. The Mon River Trail and Caperton Trial follow the shoreline for the Monongahela River, connecting Fairmont, WV with the Pennsylvania State line. The Deckers Creek Trail is accessible in Morgantown, WV and takes riders eastward into Reedsville in Preston County.

The Mon River Rail Trail and Caperton Trail are relatively level and family-friendly throughout, featuring a combination of asphalt pavement and compacted limestone. The Deckers Creek Trail offers a bit more of a challenge with more climbs and dips throughout the hills of Monongalia and Preston Counties.

Cheat Lake Park

Everyday riders will enjoy the 12-foot wide walking and biking trail located at Cheat Lake Park. This 4.5-mile trail takes visitors along Cheat Lake and the Cheat Lake Backwaters over paved paths, wooden bridges and crushed stone. Families can access the trail via the main Cheat Lake parking area located off the I-68 Cheat Lake Exit.

The Cheat Lake Park Trail is used heavily by walkers, joggers, families with strollers, fishermen, and kayakers using the trail as a put-in point for the lake itself. Riders are welcome to the trail but asked to yield to walkers and be aware of their surroundings.

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