Core Arboretum

The WVU Core Arboretum is an outdoor facility for education, research, and recreation. They welcome visitors every day, from dawn to dusk.

The WVU Core Arboretum is located on a 91-acre tract of hillside and bottomland near the WVU Coliseum, between Monongahela Boulevard and the Monongahela River. The Arboretum has 3 miles of foot trails, lawns with planted trees and shrubs, old growth forest on hillside and floodplain sites, interpretive signs, trailside benches, a small amphitheater, and an information kiosk. Free parking for visitors is available at the Arboretum parking lot or the WVU Coliseum parking lot.

WVU Core Arboretum Trails

With eleven trails and connector paths, the WVU Core Arboretum offers a day of outdoor adventure for hikers, bikers, and nature lovers alike. Download this official trail map, or visit the map located at the entrance during your next visit.

Guthrie Loop: This leisurely walking path follows along the border of the 3-acre lawn sat at the entrance to the WVU Core Arboretum. Coming in just under 700-feet in total walking distance with a relatively level path, the Guthrie Loops is beginner-friendly and perfect for family outings.

Taylor Trail: This moderate trail is lined with a beech-maple forest of oak and hickory trees. A steep-incline of 185-feet is stretched out across a total distance of 1,447-feet from start to finish. The Taylor Trail connects two portions of the Service Road, as well as to other smaller trailers along the way. 

Melvin Brown Trail: At 689-feet in distance, this short trail takes hikers on a quick but moderately physical journey between large oaks and wildflowers. The Melvin Brown Trail follows along the bends of the hillside, following a relatively level path with one steep dip in the middle.

Rumsey Trail: Dive deep into this secluded trail, shrouded from the sun by the canopy of giant walnut and oak trees. This 1,631-foot trail takes hikers laterally through the center of the Core Arboretum on a relatively level path before veering into a 69-foot climb back towards the entrance.

Silver Maple Trail: Starting low along the bank of the Monongahela River, the Silver Maple Trail takes hikers past silver maple trees, black willows and an abundance of jewelweed. This trail is 1,188-feet in length, with half of the route dedicated to a graduate 31-foot climb.

Strausbaugh Trail: Walk alongside the wildflowers as you descend slowly into the lush forest of the WVU Core Arboretum along the Strausbaugh Trail. This two-way trail connects the Guthrie trail with the Cliff Trail, with a total distance of just over 1,500-feet.

Sheldon Trail: This moderate trail is a local favorite during the spring wildflower season. Visitors can find wild ginger, Virginia bluebells and other foliage along the entire 1,539-foot trail. The Sheldon trail connects with the Stausebaugh, Nuttall, and Rumsey trails.

Nuttall Trail: Hikers and wetland enthusiasts alike can follow along the Nuttall Trail to find arrowheads, cattail, and other aquatic plants at the lagoon. This trail is 2,244-feet in total distance, with two steep inclines leading to and from the lagoon.

Granville Island Trail: This 1,775-foot route follows along the bank of the Monongahela River, forming a loop that connects with the Nuttall Trail. Steep inclines at the beginning and end of this trail make it moderately difficult with some physical demand.

Cliff Trail: This short 600-foot trail connects the Strausbaugh, Sheldon, and Nuttall trails, taking hikers past steep cliffs of exposed sandstone and hillside.

Caperton Rail-Trail: This bike-friendly trail passes through the WVU Core Arboretum as part of the bigger Mon River Rail Trail System. The Caperton Rail-Trail is paved with level-ground throughout and connects with the Service Road, the Silver Maple, the Granville Island Trail and the Nuttall Trail.

WVU Core Arboretum Running and Walking Loop (Map): Follow the gold and blue markers for this recently added running and walking loop, open free of charge from dawn to dusk. This loop is roughly 1.75 miles long with a total election change of 250 feet.

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