Transportation Tips for Greater Morgantown

How to Get Where You Need to Go

Morgantown is booming with people. With local residents, business workers, students and tourists, this town is familiar with its steady traffic. There are many ways to get to one side of town to the other, whether you’re driving or taking public transportation, but it’s important to know your route before you go. This guide will help you get from point A to point B, and anywhere else you need to go around the Greater Morgantown area.

Mountain Line Transit Authority

Mountain Line Transit Authority is the main provider of public transportation in Morgantown and the surrounding area and serves as a bus service for West Virginia University students. Mountain Line is free for all faculty, staff and students with a valid WVU ID. The cost for those who are not affiliated with WVU can pay as little as 75 cents per ride.

With 20 different bus routes, the Mountain Line offers WVU-specific routes, city and county, as well as routes to Pittsburgh. For instance, the Mountain Line “Grey” line provides three trips daily, 365 days per year, and includes early morning connections to Fairmont and Clarksburg. It then returns to Morgantown to travel on to Waynesburg, PA, Washington PA, Pittsburgh Greyhound and the Pittsburgh International Airport. The Mountain Line “Green” line connects the Downtown Depot to Westover, Morgantown Mall, University Town Centre and Mylan Park. It operates Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., then Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Also, the “Valley View” line is a popular one for off-campus students, connecting Valley View Road, Chestnut Ridge Road, Falling Run, Loppe area of University Avenue, and Willowdale & Junction, every 15 minutes.

Want to stay on top of bus routes and estimated arrival times? Download the Mountain Line mobile app (available for IOS and Android devices) to view live maps and bus locations. For a complete list of bus routes, visit

Uber / Lyft / Taxi

Uber and Lyft are both available in Morgantown. That’s right! If you don’t already have them, download the apps, create profiles and request rides to pick you up at your exact location within minutes–it’s that simple. Plus, by entering your destination, your driver can plan the best route for your trip upon arrival. With in-app payment, there is no time wasted digging in your wallet for the exact change or swiping your credit card and waiting for a receipt. Whether you’re headed to work, the airport, a game or downtown, Uber and Lyft are convenient tools to get you where you need to go in a quick and efficient manner. Not only can you sign up to receive rides, but you can also become an Uber or Lyft driver for the Greater Morgantown area, too.

Don’t have the Uber and Lyft apps? No problem. Call a cab! Morgantown’s Yellow Cab and Motown Taxi are two well-known companies that will pick you up and take you where you need to go. However, if you’re already out and about, make sure you have proper payment and look for a yellow cab to flag down. Once they pull over, it’s yours. Hop in and provide the driver with your destination so you can discuss the best route possible for the time of day.

Note: if you use Uber/Lyft and/or cab service, check to make sure you have all of your belongings before leaving the vehicle.

PRT (Personal Rapid Transit)

The Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) system is a unique and easy-to-use transportation solution for WVU students, faculty, staff, and the Morgantown community. There are five stations: Walnut Street Downtown; Beechurst Avenue for the Downtown campus; Engineering Sciences; the Evansdale Residential Complex (Towers); and Health Sciences. Powered by electric motors, the computer-driven cars arrive at your station within five minutes after you swipe your Mountaineer Card or employee ID.  Individuals may ride the PRT for a low cost of $0.50 each way.

Note: Be sure to check the status of the PRT before you head out to class by referencing the WVU PRT webpage.


Driving around town and need a place to park? You’re in luck. Morgantown Parking Authority (MPA) offers more than two-thousand parking spaces servicing the Downtown area–both metered lots and street parking. With the street parking option, there is short-term or long-term parking. Short-term meters are accessible for two hours, while long-term meters are for 10 hours. If parking on the street isn’t an option, there are also convenient surface parking lots for two-hour, 10-hour and 24-hour parking.

If you can’t find street parking around you, a 24/7 parking garage is the next reliable option. There are four multi-level parking garages, which are located on Spruce Street, University Avenue, Pleasant Street and Wharf Street. Each parking garage is safe with excess lighting and cameras throughout.

Visiting Greater Morgantown for an event? MPA works closely with Main Street Morgantown, The Metropolitan Theatre, Bo Park, The Morgantown Theatre Company, WVU, Morgantown High School and University High School, as well as other various groups to provide affordable flat rates for events in Morgantown. Learn more about event parking here.

If you plan to use MPA’s parking services, it is important to know of parking regulations. Metered parking regulations consist of an expired meter if it’s 10 minutes past the expired time, parking over the yellow line, parking in a red metered lot which implies it’s a loading zone, and backing into any metered space–you must always pull in and park facing the meter or stall number. Click here to learn more on parking regulations.

Check out this Mountaineer Deal to learn how you can receive one hour of free parking from the Morgantown Parking Authority, and visit for more information about all city parking in the Greater Morgantown area.

Morgantown Airport

The Morgantown Municipal Airport (MGW) offers daily flights on Southern Airways through both Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and Dulles International Airport (IAD). Find connections to nearly 1,000 amazing destinations, with multiple flights leaving and arriving each day.

From touchdown to touchdown, it takes just minutes to get from the airport to the WVU Football Stadium and Downtown Morgantown. Enjoy quick check-ins and free parking for both short-term and long-term use. Car rental is available at the airport through AVIS and Budget.

Book your next flight today by visiting the Morgantown Municipal Airport webpage.