Our Lady Of The Pines [Smallest Church in 48 States]

Reflect from one of the six pews inside the smallest church in 48 states. “Our Lady Of The Pines” is a small, well-kept Roman Catholic church. It has been promoted as the “Smallest Church in 48 States.” Even today, a sign makes this odd claim to fame. The church contains seating for 12, and the exterior measures 24 ft. x 12 ft. That makes it less dainty, if no less divine, than a number of tinier churches. A bonus attraction is right behind “Our Lady of the Pines”: The “World’s Smallest Post Office,” serving the community of Silver Lake.

Enjoy this 360-degree tour of our business! Click and drag to look around, and use the menu in the bottom left corner to move to a different room. 

Rt. 219
Parsons, WV 26287 

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