• Enhance the quality of existing events and activities and assist existing organizations in expanding and attracting new events and visitors 50 or more miles outside of Monongalia County.
  • Create or increase overnight hotel/motel stays in Monongalia County.
  • Encourage increased visitor spending in Monongalia County.
  • Connect events to VMCCVB resources by linking to the VMCCVB website and social media and generate leads for VMCCVB to encourage visitor engagement and recruitment.
  • Promote responsible event organization and event best practices (i.e., security, traffic control, safety, etc.).
  • Provide funding in a timely manner needed for event success.
  • Gather event data or post-event information for future TAF planning.

Grant Guidelines

Event size

Small community events (< 500 attendees with requests < $2,500)

Medium – Large tourism events (> 500 attendees with requests > $2,500 AND involve large number of overnight hotel guests)

Event types

Community-Oriented/Quality of Life Events – Smaller events with requests < $2,500

Tourism Events – Attracting out of town attendees, with requests > $2,500

Event Recruitment and Support – Requests for financial support (i.e., bid fees, sponsorships, amenities, hospitality, facility, etc.)

NOTE: This type of support is specifically for large tourism events ONLY. Organizations may submit an application in conjunction with the facility hosting the event to fulfill hospitality requirements. These types of applications may be subject to different grant guidelines. Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Other  – Events that do not fit into the three prior categories may be considered.

Event Requirements

  • Must occur in Monongalia County
  • Must share data following the event (i.e., detailed revenue and expenses, proof of purchases/amount spent in Monongalia County, hotel room nights, number of attendees, etc.).
  • Must complete a post-event report containing the above information

Event Scoring

The review committee judges applications based on the following criteria:

  • The attraction of visitors is from > 50 miles outside of Monongalia County.
  • Increased overnight hotel stays and visitor spending.
  • Link to and VMCCVB’s social media on all promotions, including event website.
  • Abiding by event best practices (security, traffic control, safety, budgets, etc.)

Award Process

  • Applicants will be notified via email 8-10 weeks after their application submission.
  • If approved, applicants will receive 50% of their awarded grant funds via check in person at the Visit Mountaineer Country CVB.
  • Upon completion of the event, recipients will complete their final grant report.
    NOTE: You must re-upload your event budget spreadsheet with the updated post-event fields completed (i.e., Amount spent, vendors, vendor location.)
  • Applicants will receive their remaining 50% once their final grant report has been successfully received with the required supporting information.
    NOTE:  If you do not submit your post-event report within 30 days of the last day of your event, you will forfeit the remaining 50% of the awarded funds.

All applications require an 8-10 week turnaround time for review and processing purposes. Please ensure you have reviewed all application materials to streamline the process.

Required Event Promotion Kit

When receiving funds from the Monongalia County Tourism Advancement Fund, you are required to credit both the Monongalia County Commission and the Visit Mountaineer Country Convention and Visitors Bureau in all event promotions. The required promotional logos are below and acceptable for you to download. Please reference your Promotion Contract for best practices and guidelines.


Events Supported