TAF Goals – Monongalia County

  1. Enhance the quality of existing events and activities and assist existing organizations in expanding and attracting new events and visitors 50 or more miles outside of Monongalia County.
  2. Create or increase overnight hotel/motel stays in Monongalia County.
  3. Encourage increased visitor spending in Monongalia County.
  4. Connect events to VMCCVB resources by linking to the VMCCVB website and social media and generate leads for VMCCVB to encourage visitor engagement and recruitment.
  5. Promote responsible event organization and event best practices (i.e., security, traffic control, safety, etc.).
  6. Provide funding in a timely manner needed for event success.
  7. Gather event data or post-event information for future TAF planning.

PLEASE READ:  Effective January 1, 2021, all applications must be submitted at least three months prior to the first date of your event. For large events, effective April 1, 2021, applications must be submitted at least 6 months prior to the first date of your event.

Grant Process

  1. The event promoter must submit a completed application for consideration. Applications may be previewed or submitted at https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/75487-Visit-Mountaineer-Country-Convention-And-Visitors-Bureau
    Click here to use a template for your event’s budget.
  3. MCTAF Review Committee will review, approve, or deny within 30 days of receiving the completed application. 
  4. Visit Mountaineer Country CVB will notify applicants of approval or denial via email. 
  5. If approved:
    1. Applicants must sign and return VMCCVB’s indemnity agreement before receiving any MCTAF funds.
    2. Once the Indemnity Agreement is completed, scan and return the signed indemnity agreement to [email protected].
      NOTE: There is a $10 fee for service for all indemnity agreements. This charge will be taken out of your awarded funds.
    3. Applicants must complete a W-9 and return it to [email protected]
    4. Applicants will receive 50% of their awarded grant funds once approved.
    5. Upon completion of the event, recipients will complete their final grant report at  https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/74493-Visit-Mountaineer-Country-Convention-And-Visitors-Bureau
    6. Applicants will receive their remaining 50% once their final grant report has been successfully received with the required supporting information.

Grant Guidelines

  1. Event size – 
    1. Small community events (< 500 attendees with requests < $2,500), 
    2. Medium – Large tourism events (> 500 attendees with requests > $2,500 AND involve large number of overnight hotel guests)
  2. Event types – No event can request more than 30% of the total event budget. 
    1. Community-oriented/quality of life events – smaller events with requests < $2,500
    2. Tourism events – attracting out of town attendees, with requests > $2,500
    3. Event recruitment and support – requests for financial support (i.e., bid fees, sponsorships, amenities, hospitality, facility, etc.)
    4. Other – events that do not fit into the three prior categories may be considered.
  3. Event requirements – 
    1. Must occur in Monongalia County.
    2. May not be municipal programming for any municipal facility or park.
    3. Must share event data (i.e., detailed revenue and expenses, number of attendees, etc.).
    4. Must complete a post-event report containing event (i.e., detailed revenue and expenses, vendors, attendees, advertising, etc.).
  4. Event scoring – more points will be awarded to applications containing the following:
    1. The attraction of visitors from > 50 miles outside of Monongalia County.
    2. Increased overnight hotel stays and visitor spending.
    3. Link to VisitMountaineerCountry.com and VMCCVB’s social media on all promotions, including event website.
    4. Abiding by event best practices (security, traffic control, safety, budgets, etc.) (Note: Amount sponsored cannot exceed 30% of your event’s budget)