The Top 10 Pepperoni Rolls Voted by Locals

Who do you think makes the best pepperoni rolls?

We asked; you delivered! Thank you for telling us which business you believe makes the best pepperoni rolls in Greater Morgantown. We received several businesses in Greater Morgantown and the surrounding area, so you can either stay in town or take a short drive to try out a new bakery! The delicious treat is available in many variations – explore these choices to discover the perfect option for your taste buds!

After many clicks, likes, shares, and comments, we have tallied up the results and are excited to announce that most found Mid Atlantic Market, in Morgantown, makes the best pepperoni rolls! Congratulations, Mid Atlantic Market!

Here are the top 10 businesses, voted by locals, that make the best pepperoni rolls:

In Greater Morgantown

  1. Mid Atlantic Market in Morgantown
    This deli/bakery/cafe/grocery off of I-68, exit 7 offers their pepperoni roll in either a 4 and 5-pack mini or a party tray! Add a little marinara sauce for extra pizzazz. Enjoy the deliciously fresh treat on the go or within their cozy fireside cafe (with wifi!).
  2. Chico’s Bakery in Morgantown
    Chico’s Bakery, located on Beechurst Avenue is home to Julia’s Pepperoni Rolls. These warm goodies are filled with slices of pepperoni and your choice of provolone or spicy hot pepper cheese.
  3. Terra Cafe in Morgantown
    Stop into Terra Cafe on Industrial Avenue to indulge in their beloved pepperoni rolls! Filled with slices of pepperoni and cheese, you’re sure to crave this warm delight.
  4. Phoenix Bakery in Morgantown
    In the heart of the South Park Historic District, Phoenix Bakery is open Wednesdays through Sundays, ready to serve you mouth-watering pepperoni rolls and other baked goods, bread, and pizza delicacies.
  5. Bourbon Prime in Morgantown
    Explore an upscale take on pepperoni roll extras offered at Bourbon Prime, located in the lobby of the Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place. These signature rolls are baked with house-made dough, tomato sauce, and a four-cheese blend. 
  6. Cool Springs Grocery, Kingwood Pike in Morgantown
    Cool Springs Grocery is open every day of the week to bring you tasty pepperoni rolls and other goodies! Check out their version of the West Virginia favorite on Kingwood Pike in Morgantown.

Around Greater Morgantown

  1. Colasessano’s in Fairmont
    Craving a pep roll in Fairmont? Of course! Head to one of Colasessano’s two locations to try their take on this West Virginia staple. But what if you don’t live in the state? Good news! You can buy Colassessan’s frozen pepperoni rolls and have them shipped to you!
  2. Country Club Bakery in Fairmont
    Welcome to the home of the original pepperoni roll – where it was invented by Italian immigrant baker Guiseppe “Joseph” Argiro in 1927. Your eyes will close with joy when you take the first bite of this warm, fresh treat!
  3. D’Annunzio’s Bakery in Clarksburg
    A Clarksburg tradition, many will visit D’Annunzio’s Bakery on a Sunday morning to indulge in these West Virginia goodies! Their products can be purchased at the bakery or at local grocery stores, convenience stores or sporting events.
  4. Home Industry Bakery in Clarksburg
    Downtown Clarksburg is home to Home Industry Bakery, where they offer pepperoni rolls in numerous fashions: plain, cheese, hot cheese, cheese and pepper or party peps (mini). Enjoy one of their many options from Monday through Friday!

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