REAL. WV: Morgantown

The spotlight is on Greater Morgantown in this preview video!

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia has published the next installment of their “Real. WV” campaign, highlighting Morgantown, W.Va.

The campaign is comprised of short videos posted on social media, showcasing different areas of W.Va. and what makes them unique.

“West Virginia is real, from the wild outdoors to the kind folks. A simple place for families to reconnect. For lovers to explore. Where adventure is the everyday. It’s one-of-a-kind, down-home, mountain living. And there’s more hidden in these hills than you could ever expect.” –

The latest video in the Real series, calls attention to Morgantown. Local business owners enlighten the viewer on characteristics of the city.

  • Morgantown, also known as The University City, is home to West Virginia University. Students come from all over the world to study at the university creating a diverse population.
  • Shop owners don’t just want to close a sale; they are interested in connecting with their vendors and customers, creating a stronger bond between the brand/product and the customer.
  • Morgan-Townies are proud of the narrative of West Virginia and Morgantown. They want you to know the story behind this charming area while you create your own history here.
  • Areas such as Cheat Lake and Coopers Rock are exploding with outdoor adventure. You can easily find smaller cycling, climbing and hiking communities within a larger one.
  • Local businesses are invested in sustainability. From the weekly farmers market to restaurants and breweries, owners take pride in obtaining raw goods from within Morgantown.
  • The people you will meet are genuine. They really want to know and connect with you. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t friendly.

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia was founded in June 2014. Focusing on the variety and quality of destinations throughout the mountain state, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia hopes to entice you to experience firsthand the “world-class adventure, scenic mountain drives to boutique shopping and an eclectic mix of dining.”


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While in town, be sure to visit one of the local establishments discussed in the video:

Slight Indulgence

Black Cat Emporium

Morgantown Farmers Market

Chestnut Brew Works

Atomic Grill

Chestnut Hotel

RockTop Bar and Grill

Coopers Rock

Cheat Lake

Wamsley Cycles


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