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The Best Coffee to Try in Greater Morgantown

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you know what it’s like to wake up with coffee on the brain! You cannot stand the thought of skipping your cup of coffee in the morning because without it, your entire day feels off.

Craft coffee has become increasingly popular and is regarded as both a work of art and a precise science. Each step of creating a cup of craft coffee is important- from growing the coffee beans to the end product.

Here in Greater Morgantown, there are plenty of coffee shops where you can see the creation of craft coffee firsthand! Brewing methods, such as the pour-over method, is a method that involves pouring hot water over grinded coffee beans. You can witness this method and other brewing methods at local coffee shops, right down to the presentation of artwork on the foam of your craft coffee.

“Think about it (craft coffee) like craft beer,” says Ebony, a barista at Blue Moose Cafe. The art of creating the perfect glass of craft beer involves a long process, much like the process of creating the perfect cup of craft coffee.

“Make sure the proportions are right- the grinding, the water amount, and how much you’re serving,” adds Ebony.

Below are some top craft coffees for you to try the next time you visit a local coffee shop!



Flickr | Brian Legate

Whether you have an espresso machine or would rather go to a coffee shop, espresso will get your morning moving! As the most concentrated form of coffee, espresso is thick with foam at the top and often served in a small cup.

Hot Mocha



A hot mocha is just what you need for this cold weather. A mixture of espresso and hot chocolate with foam at the top, mocha is delicious both served hot or cold. Add whipped cream and chocolate shavings for a richer flavor!

Dirty Chai Latte


Oregon Chai

If you loved the espresso and enjoy the taste of chai tea, you need to try this drink! A mixture of steamed milk, chai, and espresso, a dirty chai latte is the perfect morning beverage. Make the flavor bolder by adding a few sprinkles of cinnamon powder on top!

Irish Coffee


Bleu Ribbon Kitchen

Coffee isn’t just for the morning, especially this next top coffee selection. Irish coffee is a blend of your favorite coffee, cream and sugar, oh- and Irish whiskey! Add whipped cream and this drink becomes perfect for a late night WVU tailgate or evening treat.

Ebony says that if you are interested in brewing your own craft coffee at home, make sure the beans are fresh and grind the beans yourself. If you are still unsure, head over to the Blue Moose Cafe and try one of their unique coffee flavors such as cinnamon toffee, or flavored beverages like the Orange Mocha or the Cherry Drop!

Where are your favorite places in Greater Morgantown to grab coffee?



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