5 Tips for a WVU Tailgate

How to Host a Tailgate on a Budget

The West Virginia Mountaineers will take the field for a new football season in just a few weeks. If you’re like many WVU fans, you have already decided which home games you are going to attend and have planned out your trip to Morgantown, but have you thought about what you are going to need to host a tailgate, yet?

Plan for a Potluck

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A great way to save money on food is by asking your guests to each bring a side dish if you plan on cooking the main item. If your guests are unsure of what to bring, suggest items such as chips and dip, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, chicken wings, meatballs, or other side items that will go great with the main dish.

Alcohol can also get expensive if you are purchasing enough of it for your tailgate. Ask your friends if they mind bringing their favorite drinks if you are worried that you will not be providing enough for everyone.

Use Blue and Gold Decor

Of course, having as much Mountaineer decor as you can is key, such as a WVU canopy, chairs, or placemats, but you can also save money by simply using blue and gold decor. Mix and match blue and gold disposable table covers, balloons, streamers, and even utensils! Remember to bring other necessary gear such as a portable grill, trash bags, tables and chairs, and a first aid kit as well.

You’ll also want to be sure to dress in your favorite blue and gold attire. Dress in layers and plan for the weather by bringing a rain jacket or blanket. Adding a flying WV face sticker to your overall decor is the perfect way to top off your look in support of the Mountaineers!

Bring Plenty of Games

Have fun with your guests by bringing cornhole boards or a ring toss kit for a little competition! To get everyone involved, bring a frisbee or football to pass around, play trivia, or any other of your favorite games that you think your guests will enjoy.

For an added bonus, don’t just bring enough flying WV face stickers for yourself – bring extras to give out as prizes.

Pack Devices

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Music adds more fun to any tailgate, so make sure you have your favorite music playlist ready or bring along a radio so you don’t have to keep your car running during the tailgate. Take turns with guests in selecting the music and enjoy the time before the game!

If you plan on tailgating only, you will want to check which radio stations will be giving the play-by-play updates of the Mountaineer game, or bring along a device that allows you to live stream the game.

Remember to Give Your Guests Directions

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Though this may seem like a small task, game days can be chaotic and difficult to reach one another over the phone, so remember to give your guests directions to which lot you will be hosting your tailgate.

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