Hangin’ Your Hammock in Mountaineer Country

When’s the last time you were able to lay back, listen to the beautiful sounds of nature and simply relax? Now’s your chance! While the weather is warm and the flora is in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to venture into the surroundings of Mountaineer Country. Don’t forget to pack your portable hammock!

Looking for insider advice on the best locations in the area to set up your equipment? Keep reading for our suggested spots – plus tips that will help you achieve the perfect hammock experience in Mountaineer Country!

Perfect Spots for Hangin’ A Hammock

Looking for the perfect spot in Mountaineer Country to place your hammock and surround yourself with the beauty of the mountain state? Explore these sites to find your perfect escape – even if only for a couple of hours!

Wanting to see the stars or camp out in your hammock? Gaze into Mountaineer Country’s coolest campsites to discover the best nighttime views in the area.


Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re searching for the right supplies, setting up your lounge area or getting ready to sit down in your hammock, keep these tips in mind for happy, safe hammocking.

Ensure you have all the right supplies:

  • A portable hammock, either made for single or double occupancy
  • Two sturdy trees! Pro tip: The trees should be roughly 10 to 12 feet apart for optimal hammock height.
  • Tree straps, wide enough to support your hammock and not destroy the tree bark
  • Two carabiners to connect your hammock hooks to the tree straps


Find the perfect spot for your setup:

  • Check the local park guide or website to ensure hammocks are permitted in the park! Each park will have its own rules for hammocking, which can include not going far off from trails and being respectful to the trees.
  • Be cautious of your surroundings. Double-check to make sure your hammock isn’t placed over a hiking or biking trail in a way that would disrupt other visitors. Remember to be courteous to your fellow nature enthusiasts!
  • Pay close attention to the ground under your hammock! Solid, flat ground is best for a hammock hangin’ location; it’s not safe to place your hammock on top of uneven terrain, sharp rocks or wet surfaces


Looking for a new hammock to inspire your next outdoor adventure? Check out this Mountaineer Dealfrom Pathfinder of West Virginia!

BONUS: Forgot your hammock at home? Never fear, the West Virginia Botanic Garden is here with their art installation project, “Hammock Haven.” They have hammocks already set up in the garden for hikers to enjoy!


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