Fall Brings MORE! Outdoor Adventure

A Roundup of Activities in Greater Morgantown

Fall is in the air and it’s the perfect time to explore the hills and valleys of Appalachia all season long. State parks with scenic overlooks, wooded trails for biking and hiking, rock climbing, and white-water rafting are just a few ways to enjoy the great gifts of nature in Greater Morgantown!


Pitch your tent, park your RV, or rent a rustic cabin and escape to the scenic mountains and wooded areas of Greater Morgantown! Enjoy lake access, hiking and biking trails, summits for rock climbing, and fire pits for BBQs and s’mores. However you like to experience nature, you’re sure to find an abundance of camping facilities to fit your preferences.

One of these camping facilities is Glades Farms Campgrounds, where you’ll find a great place to explore during the day and relax by the fire at night. RV hookups are provided and pets are always welcome. Indian Meadows Campground also has RV hookups as well as a tent camping facility tucked away in the small Monongalia County community of Pentress, just 15 minutes west of Greater Morgantown.

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Hiking and Biking

Serving as outdoor recreational passageways, Greater Morgantown provides miles of paved and wooded trails for walking, running, or biking on scenic routes! Parking is available near most trail entrances.

Such trails include Monongahela River Trail’s North and South Trails, perfect for hikers and bikers looking for adventure. The six mile North Trail weaves along the Monongahela River from Star City up to the Pennsylvania border, while the 17.7-mile long South Trail is a wooded, river valley trail that begins in Morgantown and ends at Prickett’s Fort State Park in Marion County.

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Your recipe for soaking up fun includes just one ingredient – water! Crystal clear mountain streams and long, lazy rivers are perfect for kayaking.

Plan a family outing or get-together with friends to explore the 12-mile Cheat Lake that is a kayaker’s dream! Other water activities such as canoeing, boating, and fishing can also be performed on Cheat Lake. For more advanced paddling, kayak on the Cheat River that produces Class III, IV and V rapids. Kayaking season at the lake typically ends in September, so be sure to reach out to local outfitters for more information!

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White Water Rafting

From beginner to advanced, a whitewater adventure in Greater Morgantown awaits you! Just minutes away from town, you will find Class III or better rapids. Skilled guides will ensure an invigorating, memorable experience. Self- guided tours are also available for those with rafting experience. Rafting is available in the warmer months, ending in late October. Be sure to contact local outfitters for more information. 

Cheat River Outfitters takes rafters to the Cheat Narrows for Class III rafting, or paddle to the spectacular Cheat Canyon and Big Sandy a white water rafting excursion. Cheat Canyon has over 30 rapids that are Class III or better filled with enormous boulders that create rapids known by locals as the “Wonderfalls.”

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Nature Trails

Discover miles of picturesque forests in Greater Morgantown! Both paved and dirt paths serve as guides to view and explore species of trees, plants, flowers, and wildlife. Hike to open viewing areas and watch for birds that are indigenous to the area. Trails are free and open to the public.

Visit Sky Rock at Dorsey’s Knob Park to stand nearly 600-feet above the 71-acre landscape of deep valleys and tall pines. Search the hillside and bottomland of the Core Arboretum near the WVU Coliseum to find planted trees and shrubs, old growth forests and floodplain sites, and even a small amphitheater.

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Rail Trails

Grab your picnic basket and head to one of Greater Morgantown’s rail trails. Open for non-motorized use, these rail trails are primarily used for walking, cycling, jogging, and rollerblading. Parking is available near most trail entrances.

One of these rail trails includes Caperton Trail, a six mile urban trail with a paved surface that provides easy access to nearby restaurants and shopping areas. Or visit Decker’s Creek Trail to follow a scenic route that provides landscapes of secluded hardwoods, hemlock, rhododendron, and rock outcroppings.  

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Rock Climbing

Adventure seekers – look no further! The mountains of Greater Morgantown provide bountiful rock formations for all levels of rock climbing. Beginner to advanced climbers will find numerous spots that test their abilities to reach the summits.

Coopers Rock Climbing Guides offer climbing and rappelling activities in Coopers Rock State Forest. While you’re at Cooper’s Rock, explore the 12,958-acre forest that is not only a great place for rock climbing, but for recreation and camping, too.

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Remember to keep an eye out for the start of fall foliage around Greater Morgantown, where mountain views and scenic trails become even more beautiful!

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