Heroclix: DC Justice League Unlimited Pre-Release


March 26, 2020 at 6:45 pm


-Entry Fee: $25
-Tournament Format: Swiss tournament (three round minimum)
-Team Format: Two Booster Pack Sealed

Upon payment of the entry fee and registration for the event in the WIN, players will receive two booster packs from the tournament organizer. When instructed, all players will open their packs and confirm the contents. If a pack is missing any cards or figures, or has a mismatched sculpt or dial, inform the tournament organizer.

Players will then have 20 minutes to construct a 300 point team using the contents of their packs. Only game elements that are pulled from the booster packs received at the event may be used on a player’s team. No outside game elements are allowed to be added to a player’s team, except standard objects.

Availability of mulligan packs will be determined at the time of the event based on event turnout and product supply. If available, one mulligan pack can be purchased per player. Prior to purchasing a mulligan pack, a player must decide which of the two opened booster packs will be set aside and not used for this event. All contents of the chosen booster pack will then be considered ineligible for use for this event. The player may then purchase a mulligan pack and use its contents for force construction.

Once forces have been constructed using the contents of sealed boosters, players will be randomly assigned a first round match, and will proceed with that game until it is finished or until time is called. At the end of each game (game duration approximately 50 minutes), players will inform the tournament organizer of their results. The tournament organizer will input the results in the WIN to determine the next round.

Players will be matched up for the second and third rounds based on previous round(s) win-loss record and victory point total, as determined by the WIN. Play will continue in this manner through three rounds, at which point the final standings will be determined and the event winner declared.
A bye is issued when there are an odd number of players in a Swiss event. A bye is considered a win. First round byes are assigned randomly. In subsequent rounds, the bye is given to the lowest ranked player who has not already received a bye. The Bye player receives a Win for the round with victory points equal to half the event build total.

At the conclusion of the event, prizes will be awarded. For pre-release events, additional booster packs will be opened and a snake draft will be conducted of the contents based on event standings. For release day events, release day OP kit prize figures will be awarded to first, second, and third place players at minimum, while maps will be awarded to all other players while supplies last based on event standings. Additional prize support may be announced prior to or at the time of the event.

If a player needs to drop from the event unexpectedly, then it is the player’s responsibility to immediately inform the tournament organizer. Players who purchase entry to gain product without the intent of playing in the event risk being barred from future events at this store.

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Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming
9515 Mall Rd, Morgantown, WV 26501, USA

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