Balloons Over Morgantown

October 12, 2023 at Various times

Ends: October 15, 2023


Balloons Over Morgantown is a hot air balloon event where 12-18 balloons come to Morgantown for flights over our beautiful hills.  This is their fourth year using this format and they are excited to have 18 balloons joining them to fly in the West Virginia fall foliage. 

The event consists of multiple launches over the course of the weekend, weather permitting.  All of their launches are from the Morgantown Airport. 

For more information on the events and times, be sure to check the Event Schedule!  Also, Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter for faster updates during the weekend.  

Thursday, October 12th
7 p.m.* Morgantown Mall
Friday, October 13th
8 a.m. Launch* Morgantown Municipal Airport
4 p.m. Launch* Morgantown Municipal Airport
Saturday, October 14th
8 a.m. Launch* Morgantown Municipal Airport
4 p.m. Launch* Morgantown Municipal Airport
Sunday, October 15th
8 a.m. Launch* Morgantown Municipal Airport

Where to Watch

All of their launches this year will be from the Morgantown Airport, near the main runway.  Although non-crew members are not permitted in the launch area, there are fences where the balloons will be visible.  Locations near the airport will also offer views of the balloons once they take off.  Another fun activity is chasing balloons!  Once you see a balloon you can follow it until it lands and then participate in packing it up!

As the balloons fly, they will be visible from different areas of Morgantown.  If you’re not able to make it to the launch, keep an eye out for the balloons over the weekend.  Often times the balloons travel in different directions at each launch so even if you miss them one day, they might fly right over you the next!  We try to post which direction our balloons are flying on Facebook and Twitter so keep checking our page for updates on each launch!  If you do decide to chase, we ask that you please give priority to our balloon crew and vehicles!

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Location Details:

Morgantown Airport
Morgantown Municipal Airport (MGW), Hart Field Road, Morgantown, WV, USA

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