Saigon Pho Kitchen

We provide a blend of popular Vietnamese Comfort foods in a relaxed casual atmosphere.

Our Specialty is Pho (pronounced “fer” say “fur” with a soft “r”). Pho is an inextricable part of Vietnamese culinary tradition and culture. The contrasting flavors, varied textures, exotic ingredients, light, healthy qualities of pho has gained global popularity. It’s a beef noodle soup raised to the “Nth” degree. Pho itself means rice noodle (gluten -free), which then is topped with slices of beef, tendon, tripe, meatballs, onion, cilantro etc. A rich vibrant broth is produced after long hours of simmering in the finest ingredients and has a soft taste and aroma, all of it’s own. Join in the “Pho Craze “ and find “Comfort in a Bowl”

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Saigon Pho Kitchen

3109 University Avenue
Morgantown, WV 26505 

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