Mal’s Fresh Produce

About Mal’s

It all started in summer 2020, Moholt opened a produce stand, and, from the success and support, she had the vision to create a local store because of the high demand for fresh produce. “We needed something here in Morgantown that people could rely on having consistent, fresh, and tasty products.” The store opened its doors on May 18, 2021.

They are proudly: 

Sourcing natural meat free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or chemical residue.

Sourcing produce which is free of pesticides or chemical residue.

Making it easy to do business with us and building meaningful relationships with our vendors and partners.

Including and strengthening the communities our markets call home.

Maintaining a visionary and adaptive culture and a true commitment to local business.

Hours and Locations

Visit Mal’s fresh produce roadside stand, check out their Facebook for information on when their roadside stand is open, or find them at:

Roadside Stand
300 Old Cheat Road
Morgantown, WV

Visit their store location from 10 AM-6 PM all week!

Store Location
312 Old Cheat Road
Morgantown, WV


Mal's Fresh Produce

312 Old Cheat Road

Morgantown, WV 26505 

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