Deckers Creek Waterfall

Decker’s Creek is a must visit for any waterfall or scenic view lover! This breathtaking natural wonder offers visitors an opportunity to experience a waterfall either up-close, or from the trail right next to it. The Lion’s Club has developed a waterfall pull off in Masontown, WV where you can quickly look over at the falls, or stop and enjoy a picnic at their picnic tables and take in the noise of the waterfall cascading down.

Decker’s Creek offers three waterfalls at this location with numerous entry points and creek side rocks to stand on. It is fairly easy to access the actual falls but be careful as there isn’t a built-in area to get down.

This is a must-see for nature lover and outdoor enthusiasts and is a true gem in Mountaineer Country


Lions Club Roadside Park/Picnic

8275 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Masontown, WV 26542 

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