Curated Wonder

Interested in a customized experience, explore or travel kit for an upcoming trip ANYWHERE or as a experience gift to give?

Curated Wonder by Terran delivers curated explore toolkits & experience planning for you to create your own memories with family & friends without the stress and hassle of details and research to overwhelm you.

Whether you’re new to the state, want to visit our state or you’ve lived here your whole life and want to experience all the best it has to offer, here Curated Wonder by Terran has you covered with West Virginia Explore kits to guide your adventures!

The story behind Curated Wonder was a collision of idea, skill and passion with a little push from other strong female leaders & entrepreneurs with whom I surrounded myself.

From explore anywhere kits to specific WV ones, Curated Wonder by Terran has everything you need to start a new adventure with friends, family, kids, or just a solo trip!

To learn more about the different kits and new Curated Wonder by Terran opportunities, visit Facebook or Instagram.