Cobun Creek

Located at White Park, this waterfall is hit or miss based on the level of rain that week, but still worth it as you can walk around and explore the park still! In order to find the waterfall, you’ll need to use their designated parking area and cross the street to the other set of trails. After a short walk, you’ll come to a body of water where you should continue walking until you make it to a bench with a small overlook. Just beyond this, you’ll locate the Cobun Creek waterfall!

Photo courtesy of @rylannemesh_photography

Continuing the walk on, we could finally hear water and knew we were close to the waterfall. Then, we came upon a bench with a small overlook. We were the only ones walking towards the fall that day, so it was like we had the whole trail to ourselves; it was so relaxing.

There is a little trail leading to the waterfall, but no clear path, it is a little more strenuous for kids, but totally do-able. *

Cobun Creek at White Park

1001 Mississippi Street
Morgantown, WV 26501 USA

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