River House Boats

Announcing a new kayak rental and shuttle service starting May 1, 2021 on Cheat River in Rowlesburg, WV. The River House will rent kayaks and shuttle the boats to any location on the Upper Cheat River Water Trail. We will transport your boat or our rental boats to any designated access point on the Water Trail. We will pick up the returning boats in Rowlesburg at the Riverwalk or Rowlesburg Park. We also shuttle your boats for the Narrows. Our shuttle fees are $15 per kayak up to 10 miles. Beyond 10 miles, the rate is $20 per kayak. Canoes are $30 up to 10 miles and $40 beyond 10 miles. Call 978-270-3847 for details, or see our website: www.riverhouselodge.org.

The old address and new addresses are as follows: 43 E Main Street (OLD); 121 EAST MAIN STREET (NEW) in Rowlesburg, WV

43 E. Main St.
Rowelsburg, WV 26425 USA

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(978) 270-3847