Brookside Farms

Brookside Farm in Aurora, WV, has been owned by Ed & Mary Utterback since the early 70’s, having been one of the first farms east of the Mississippi to raise beefalo, a hybrid cross between a buffalo and a domestic cow. The Utterback’s planted corn and oats, baled hay and raised sheep along with the beefalo. In 2016, the Utterback’s were approached with an opportunity to partner with Jacob’s Ladder, a farming-based, 6-month residential recovery program for young men struggling with drug and or alcohol abuse and addiction.  In order to best work with the young men on a daily basis, Mark began to look at more labor-intensive, but more sustainable methods of using much of the 250-acre farm.  The partnership with Jacob’s Ladder can be seen in the Netflix movie called “Recovery Boys.”

Mark makes a bi-weekly to-your-door delivery through Preston County and into Morgantown every other Thursday, with USDA inspected meat products from the farm, including grass fed beefalo, lamb, pasture-raised pork, as well as pasture-raised brown eggs, honey, maple syrup and seasonally raised whole broiler chickens and rabbits.

For the 2023 Preston County Farm Crawl, stop by to purchase meat and tour their unique farm! 

Brookside Farms

247 Cathedral Park Drive
Aurora, WV  

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