Andor Peppers

Andor Peppers is family-owned and operated and began selling small bottles of sauce, pepper mustard, salsa, and chutney to family and friends. Shortly, their hobby turned into a demand for more of their delicious sauces and spices! Each year, the garden grew bigger, and they began incorporating uncommon pepper varieties to offer flavors beyond the ever-popular cayenne’s and jalapenos!

In 2020, Andor Peppers was officially formed, launching with some of their most popular products. Now, they offer small batch, craft hot sauces, and spice mixes. Their small batch, craft hot sauces, and spice mixes are 100% natural and hand bottles. Year to year, the heat level may vary, but each year their sauces will have your mouth watering!

Andor Peppers

16616 George Washington Hwy
Rowlesburg, WV 26425 

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(678) 851-9603