Best Sushi Restaurant in Morgantown, WV

Mountaineer-inspired sushi is just how we roll in Morgantown, WV. Just like the football team, each restaurant and sushi bar on this list brings their a-game, earning themselves the title of “best sushi around”. Enjoy roll after roll and dive into endless bowls of rice, noodles and more.  

(image via @ogawasushiwv)

Ogawa Japanese Restaurant

This hideaway restaurant has a lot to say when it comes to sushi, as well as Japanese and Korean inspired dishes. Ogawa Japanese Restaurant offers individual rolls, sashimi, bento and lunch box specials, as well as dinner entrees. Enjoy table seating or sit at the sushi bar and watch as your rolls are prepared right in front of you. 

Volcano Japanese Restaurant

A quaint dining atmosphere with big flavors awaits at Volcano Japanese Restaurant. Enjoy dine-in and carry-out options that are sure to please any palate. Test the waters with delicate sashimi dishes, or set sail with ornate sushi boats perfect for any party or occasion. Finish off your journey with refreshing mochi ice-cream desserts. 

Fusion Japanese Steakhouse

Feel the heat, sitting front-and-center at the grill at Fusion Japanese Steakhouse in Morgantown. Enjoy flame-grilled hibachi dishes, fresh sushi and Asian-fusion inspired dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Low-lighting and group-seating make for the perfect outing with friends or date-night. 

Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse

In Japan, the term “Fujiyama” is the name of an inactive volcano that is the highest peak in the country. If you’ve ever visited this local dining favorite, you can imagine why its name takes after such a potentially “explosive” site. Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality, fresh ingredients with “explosive” flavor. Enjoy sitting hibachi dining side that will have you coming back for more of the delicious food cooked on a flaming grill or a more relaxed dining experience near the sushi bar. 

Green Tea Asian Fusion

Take your sushi dining-experience up a notch, with beautifully-decorated plates and delicious rolls that exceed expectations at Green Tea Asian Fusion of Morgantown. Offering both dine-in and take-out menu options, Green Tea Asian Fusion is a favorite for locals and students alike. Order from an a la carte sushi menu, or try one of their many Chinese, Japanese, Thai, or Korean dishes. 


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